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11.02.19 - Peertechz Publications Private Limited

Peertechz Publications- A legitimate & Trustable name in scientific journals

There are so many scientific journals nowadays, it is understandably challenging for the untrained eye to be able to discern the good ones from the bad ones. Sometimes it’s hard for the well-trained... mehr

13.11.17 - Peertechz Publications Private Limited

Efforts to improve the visibility of journals: Peertechz

Unquestionably, improving the visibility of published articles is the cornerstone for defining added value of the hard work done by the researchers as well as for attracting more manuscripts. Each yea... mehr

26.10.17 - Peertechz Publications Private Limited

Tips to decrease Manuscript rejection rates: Peertechz

Manuscripts rejection is very discouraging to scholars who spend years planning their research, securing funding, compiling and analyzing data, and making sound conclusions that could benefit their re... mehr

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