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Peertechz: A trusted name in the crowd of flaky journals

The popularity of scholarly open access (OA) Journals is rapidly growing in amongst authors and readers. This has resulted in challenges for scholars having to identify and avoid low-quality and flaky publishers. In this flood of new publishers with varying quality, Peertechz swears to show the path for legitimate journals. Peertechz puts forward various sets of criteria intended to allow scholars to assess the quality of the journals- 1. Focus

Peertechz Publications- A legitimate & Trustable name in scientific journals

There are so many scientific journals nowadays, it is understandably challenging for the untrained eye to be able to discern the good ones from the bad ones. Sometimes it’s hard for the well-trained eye too. A major shift in scientific publishing happened in the last decade with the introduction of the open access publishing model. The model is a superb way to disseminate the knowledge but it has also given

Efforts to improve the visibility of journals: Peertechz

Unquestionably, improving the visibility of published articles is the cornerstone for defining added value of the hard work done by the researchers as well as for attracting more manuscripts. Each year, millions of scientific articles are published in thousands of journals across the globe. Formulating various ways to promote one’s research work for maximum impact is, therefore, considered a wise step. Peertechz has considered several applicable steps to improve the

Tips to decrease Manuscript rejection rates: Peertechz

Manuscripts rejection is very discouraging to scholars who spend years planning their research, securing funding, compiling and analyzing data, and making sound conclusions that could benefit their readers. Knowing the most common reasons for rejection helps to ensure that manuscript receives a thorough review so that scholars can address any concerns and resubmit. has come up with practical suggestions for budding authors on how to achieve success when writing and