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01.02.12 - BioLink

For Immediate Release: January 26, 2012 BioLink Solutions Releases New Version of IDenium

BioLink Solutions, global trusted provider and developer of award-winning biometric solutions, releases new version of its enterprise biometric logon and single sign-on solution (SSO) – IDenium 4.3.... mehr

06.03.08 - BioLink

BioLink Biometrics Incorporated into Hawaii Driver License Program

BioLink announces the use of its fingerprint biometrics for the State of Hawaii’s Driver License Program. The upgrade of the driver license system reinforces the ‘one driver – one license’ pri... mehr

29.02.08 - BioLink

BioLink is Committed to Add Biometric Security to Bahamian Passports

BioLink announces its contribution to an e-passport project launched in the Bahamas, which is expected to cover 255,000 citizens. Introduction of e-passports enhanced with biometrics is intended to en... mehr

11.02.08 - BioLink

BioLink launches a new website for biometric solutions

BioLink announces fundamental changes to its official website at The updated website contains comprehensive information on the Company’s major activities, products and solution... mehr

01.02.08 - BioLink

BioLink at Security and Safety Technologies, 2008

BioLink announces participation at the XIII International Forum & Exhibition “Security and Safety Technologies”, which is a leading security exhibition and congress event in Russia, CIS and Easter... mehr

21.11.07 - BioLink

BioLink Biometrics is the Core of Nigerian ECOWAS Passports

BioLink announces the commencement of the commissioning stage of the biometric identification system, which is a major component of the e-passport project in Nigeria, the first African country to adop... mehr

15.11.07 - BioLink

BioLink Delivers Its Powerful Matchers for the E-Passport of Senegal

BioLink announces engagement in the design and implementation of the Electronic Passport System in Senegal involving fingerprinting of the Senegalese crossing the country’s borders. The ICAO-complia... mehr

07.11.07 - BioLink

First Banking Security Day in Kazakhstan: Biometrics on Top

BioLink announces the first Banking Security Day in Kazakhstan, to be held collectively with its partner “Ditis”. The event is expected to attract top managers of the leading banks and other finan... mehr

01.10.07 - BioLink

BioLink Biometrics & m2m Smart Card-based Systems at Cardex & IT Security’07

BioLink announces participation, together with m2m group, in the 4th International Conference and Exhibition “Cardex & IT Security’07” that took place on September 19-21, 2007, Expocentr’s Fai... mehr

12.09.07 - BioLink

BioLink Fingerprint Biometrics in Maldivian Passports

BioLink announces integration of its innovative fingerprint biometrics in the key travel document of the Republic of the Maldives – the passport. The immigration department of the country has prefer... mehr

29.06.07 - BioLink

BioLink FingerPass IC is a new biometric offering for door-locks and turnstiles

BioLink announces the release and mass production of BioLink FingerPass IC, a biometric terminal. It allows controlling physical access and recording the employees’ work hours by identifying them wi... mehr

06.06.07 - BioLink

Biometric time and access control are as easy as that

BioLink announces the release of a new version of BioTime, an advanced biometric time monitoring and access control system. BioTime v. 4.0 is mostly advantageous for more intuitive schedules and repor... mehr

04.06.07 - BioLink

BioLink is about to conquer the Vietnamese biometric market

BioLink announces establishment of partner relations with one of the leading Vietnamese suppliers of advanced security solutions – ADC company. Cooperation of both companies will be targeted at impl... mehr

22.05.07 - BioLink

BioLink biometrics is exhibited to protect airports

BioLink announces sponsorship and participation in two major international events organized by the Russian Airports Association and held simultaneously in Moscow, Russia, on May 23-24, 2007: the conf... mehr

19.04.07 - BioLink

BioLink showcases its biometric access control solution at MIPS’2007

BioLink announces the introduction of its advanced integrated access control and time management system BioTime at the 13th Moscow International Exhibition “Protection, Security and Fire Safety - MI... mehr

15.03.07 - BioLink

BioLink at CeBIT 2007: newest multi-modal biometric offerings

BioLink Solutions announces its participation, in strategic partnership with IRIS Corporation Berhad (Malaysia) and TTI (USA), in the world\'s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunic... mehr

21.02.07 - BioLink

Biometric offering for AD opens the new BioLink IDenium product line

BioLink Solutions announces the new software product line intended to safeguard access to the corporate resources via biometric fingerprint identification of users – BioLink IDenium. The product lin... mehr

19.10.06 - BioLink

BioLink enhances another medical application with its fingerprint biometrics

BioLink Solutions announces implementation of its fingerprint biometrics in Clinical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia. From now on, users of a medical information center Thorax.6 implemented in this hospita... mehr

13.10.06 - BioLink

BioLink advances its OEM-offerings for access control applications

BioLink Solutions announces the release of an advanced driver designed for connection, customization and operation of BioLink U-Match Ethernet, which is a mountable high-quality biometric network devi... mehr

06.09.06 - BioLink

BioLink reaches out for biometric T&A customers

BioLink Solutions announces the upcoming advertising campaign targeted at potential customers for its biometric time management system – BioTime. The campaign starts in September 1, 2006 and is vali... mehr

02.08.06 - BioLink

BioLink solution made compatible with the Citrix platform

BioLink Solutions announces successful development and implementation of the custom application allowing for biometric identification of users on the CITRIX platform. The custom application was develo... mehr

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