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11.09.17 - Joseph Ganci

Charlottesville And The Jewish Struggle with Hatred, Prejudice, And Violence - Joseph Ganci, Author Of New Spiritual Book, 'Gideon: The Sound And The Glory,' Issues Statement

Charlottesville served as a demonstration - of two very different kinds. First, there was a show by Nazis. In America. In 2017. Could we ever unsee those wild-eyed demonstrators, marching through town... mehr

25.08.17 - Joseph Ganci

Charlottesville And The Idolatry Of Hatred, Violence, And Vengeance - Joseph Ganci Author Of 'Gideon,' Issues Statement

Hatred and violence are part and parcel of the human condition. We nevertheless like to believe, in this modern day and age, we have become more refined, cosmopolitan and enlightened. But have we made... mehr

09.08.17 - Joseph Ganci

New Spiritual Book Release, 'Gideon: The Sound And The Glory,' Illuminates Epic Biblical Stories With Never Before Discovered Details

Author Joseph Ganci's new book has been called "masterfully created" and "riveting." Can a book based on the Bible warrant such high praise? In this case, yes, as Ganci deftly turns well known Biblica... mehr

13.07.17 - Joseph Ganci

Author Joseph Ganci Announces New Spiritual Book Detailing Epic Adventures, 'Gideon: The Sound and The Glory'

Author Joseph Ganci has announced the release of his spiritually inspiring book, 'Gideon: The Sound and the Glory.' Ganci pierces the veil with a penetrating vision of long held Bible mysteries that ... mehr

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