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Press Releases from Fundatia Casa Don Bosco (2 total)

Sunday word: God is dead

Ziarul de Sibiu June 7th 2006 God is dead, the atheist told me. I told him: That’s strange, I have just talked to Him. Yesterday’s relics, the communists and the atheists, still exist in great numbers in Romania, this most wonderful and still so morally destroyed country. They still spread their poison, they haven’t learned anything yet, they do not want to accept the new reality. They live by the

The priest of Thorns

Newspaper “Ziarul de Sibiu” 23.-29.Januar 2006 Translation from Romanian into English Pater Don Demidoff, the philanthropist of Iacobeni The Priest of Thorns „For us, Pater Don Demidoff is both our mother and father. It is with him that we discuss the problems we have, he helps us grow”, Alexandru says about the priest who ever since 1991 has been fighting against mentalities, institutions and individuals in order to help the Romanian homeless

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