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Press Releases from Depesche Don Demidoff (7 total)

Pater Don Demidoff ./. Romania - conditions in Romanian prisons

Demidoff, Pater Don ./. Romania concerning violation of Art. 6 Paragraph 1, Treaty on EU, by Romania due to the conditions in Romanian prisons Lawyer Dr. Roland Giebenrath 14 quai Kléber F-67000 Strasbourg Mr. President of the European Commission Dr. José Manuel Durão Barroso European Commission Rue de la Loi 200 B-1049 Bruxelles March 06, 2007 156/02GI/SC Dear Mr. President, in the above mentioned case I announce, that Father Don Demidoff, president of the League for the Renaissance

A journey to the misery of the new Europe: Bulgaria

Frank Abbas, streetworker in the ghettoes of Varna in Bulgaria asks me to come to him. An hour from Bucharest there is the border village Giurgiu. The border reminds of the old fortifications between the former countries. Now it is Europe, but nevertheless you have to to drive peculiar detours to reach the Bulgarian border. Collection of 6 Euros for use of the bridge - they accept Euros only. I

Promise you nothing but the truth and always the truth

Sunday Word Good Morning, I am back in your newspaper. Now my engagement for the new newspaper has been delayed and I am glad to be present in \"ZIARUL de Sibiu\" every Friday again. Some of my readers did actually miss me. I admit that it does me good, when you speak to me in the street and tell me that you welcome my clear words. So please continue to

In Europe we will all be strangers

Romanians can’t wait. Finally, finally we’ll be in Europe. But will we be really? Starting the 1st of January 2007 the skies will open and manna, silver and gold will fall upon us. Is this how it is? No way, there will be nothing of the kind. Do we need Europe? In reality, it’s Europe that needs us most: the underground resources of Romania, the slave-like salaries, the country as protection

En Europe nous serons tous des étrangers

Les roumains sont impatients. Finalement, finalement, nous serons dans l’Europe. Mais seront-nous vraiment ? A partir du 1er janvier 2007, les cieux vont s’ouvrir et de la manne, de l’or et de l’argent tomberont au-dessus de nous. Serait-il possible ? Non, certes, pas question de ça. Avons-nous besoin de l’Europe ? En réalité, c’est l’Europe qui a besoin de nous : des richesses du sous-sol de la Roumanie, des salaires d’esclaves,

În Europa vom fi cu toţii străini

Cuvantul de Duminica 14.07.2006 Românii abia aşteaptă. În sfârşit, în sfârşit vom fi Europa. Vom fi oare? De la 1 ianuarie 2007 se deschide cerul şi va cădea mană cerească şi aur şi argint. O fi oare aşa? Da de unde, nici vorbă de aşa ceva. Avem noi nevoie de Europa? În realitate, Europa are nevoie de noi: de bogăţiile subsolului românesc, de salariile de sclavi, de ţară ca zonă de protecţie

2 million children suffer from starvation in Romania

The priest draws attention on the dictatorship of the total capital and on the bureaucracy of the European Union. Pater (Father) Don Demidoff, priest of the Free Church and member of the International Council of Community Churches USA draws the attention of Romanian citizens on Romania’s too hasty joining of the European Union. There are 23 million people living in Romania, 4 million of which turn their back on this

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