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10.10.17 - FlexFit Mats

CrossFit Training: RULE the School!

As a seasoned veteran of multiple CrossFit competitions, you’ve mastered countless techniques, exercises, and lifting methods, and you’re looking for ways to improve and maintain. You might also b... mehr

04.10.17 - FlexFit Mats

CrossFit Training: The Upperclassman

You’ve been completing WODs consistently, you’re gradually improving your times, you’re controlling your diet, and you’ve perfected your technique on most if not all of the exercises commonly ... mehr

26.09.17 - FlexFit Mats

Kids & Fitness

We live in a time when there are too many things kids can do to entertain themselves while remaining inactive: television and movies, smart phones, video games and social media and of course what my k... mehr

12.09.17 - FlexFit Mats

Crossfit Training: Sophomore Skills

Now that you’ve got the CrossFit basics down and you’re consistently completing the WOD, it’s time to take a look at some of the more advanced methodologies surrounding this increasingly popular... mehr

13.06.17 - FlexFit Mats

Summer Home Fitness Tips

Summer sun means it’s time to shed those extra pounds, tone up, and get ourselves down to swimsuit weight so we can enjoy those long lounging weekends at the beach or pool. Dropping a few pounds is... mehr

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