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Press Releases from Fluoride Action Network (6 total)

Prominent Toxicologist Urges Communities to Stop Fluoridation – Citing Adverse …

“Risks of ingesting fluoride include lowered IQs and increased ADHD and hypothyroidism rates,” reports Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT, Director and Founder of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders and affiliate professor at the University of Washington School of Public Health in “Fluoride Ingestion: Connecting the Dots for Health,” (May 1, 2019). He writes, between “2017 - 2019, high quality studies confirm lowering IQ at common [fluoride] exposure levels.” A

Fluoride and Organized Dentistry: Big Losers this Election Day

Fifty-three cities rejected fluoridation in referenda held in four states on November 4, 2008, according to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). Lobbied by the Nebraska Dental Association and supported by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Nebraska legislature passed a law in April 2008, over the Governor’s veto, to require all Nebraska cities with populations over 1,000 to add fluoride chemicals into water supplies unless cities opt-out by 2010.

End Fluoridation, say 600 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists, and Environmentalist …

In a statement released August 9, 2007, over 600 dentists, physicians, scientists and environmentalists urge Congress to stop water fluoridation until Congressional hearings are conducted. They cite new scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is ineffective and has serious health risks. ( Signers include a Nobel Prize winner, three members of the prestigious 2006 National Research Council (NRC) panel that reported on fluoride’s toxicology, two officers in

Fluoride Foes Win the Year - Scientifically and Politically

Fluoride, added to water supplies, is touted as a tooth decay preventive. Science increasingly shows fluoridation is ineffective, harmful and a waste of money. But the politics of organized dentistry keeps fluoridated water flowing. Last year, 2005, was a very successful year for the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and their affiliated groups for getting the truth out about the harmful effects of fluoride and bringing negative fluoride science to the

NYS Approves Pesticide Despite Unresolved Health Risks

Fluoride Action Network (FAN) urges the NYS Bureau of Pesticides to rescind their recent approval of a new food fumigant pesticide, sulfuryl fluoride, because serious health risks, raised by environmental groups, remain unanswered by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In a November 28, 2005 letter to Dow AgroSciences, Maureen Serafini, Director, NYS Bureau of Pesticides, approved sulfuryl fluoride (ProFume®) fumigant on all processed foods and a large number of

New Food Pesticide Dangerous For All Americans, Three Environmental Groups Warn

Three environmental groups are urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to revoke their approval of sulfuryl fluoride as a pesticide fumigant on food. EPA approved sulfuryl fluoride as an alternative food fumigant to ozone-depleting methyl bromide. The groups say additional fluoride levels in food will be harmful to the health of all Americans because fluoride is persistent and bio-accumulates in the human body. Dow AgroSciences campaigned long and

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