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11.10.17 - Crowson Law Group

Crowson Law gives insights on Medical Malpractice – Medication Prescription Errors

If a doctor prescribes the wrong medication to a patient and the patient ends up being harmed as a result, the patient may be eligible to bring a medical malpractice claim. However, medical malpr... mehr

04.10.17 - Crowson Law Group

Personal Injury: Legally Justified Killing of a Dog

In Alaska, dog laws give permission to kill a dangerous dog that is running at large or that is chasing livestock. The law also defines a dangerous dog as, ‘any dog which unprovoked has ever bitte... mehr

28.08.17 - Crowson Law Group

Crowson Law Group

It is commonly said that there is no such thing as minor surgery. Whether it’s getting an appendix removed or having a hip replacement, all surgical procedures are serious; more so if an error occur... mehr

26.04.17 - Crowson Law Group

Basics of Personal Injury Explained by the Crowson Law Group

A recent train accident in Alaska resulted in twenty-three persons suffering minor injuries as a result of the accident. The train crash resulted from a derailment of the train; the derailment occurre... mehr

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