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SEO For Marketplace Business in 2018

The main goal of each marketplace owner is placing their business offspring in the top SERP positions. Because people tend to only trust the first few links in the search results, it is clear that positive website search ratings can significantly increase its conversion rates. So, we’ve got an ultimate aim now. But what about the methods for achieving it? Some people believe in the holy power of keywords and tr

Say ‘Goodbye’ to PayPal: Adyen Replaces The Giant as an eBay Payment Partner

The payment services diversity has reached a new horizon. The more new players arrive at the scene, the more becomes the competition between them and existing services. This, in turn, forces giants to expand their offerings to keep up with times. However, there are also those of them who failed to hold their position and soon would be replaced with other younger platforms. Don’t you guess what platform are we

Short Introduction to Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are extremely useful modern web tools for retailers and customers. These eCommerce solutions make it possible to choose and buy different goods from different sellers in just a few clicks without the necessity to leave one’s home or workplace. The most prominent online marketplaces out there right now are Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc. Besides these, there are lots of online platforms dedicated not only to sales purposes. Airbnb

How to successfully start an online marketplace in 2018

2018 is undoubtedly a year of e-commerce! There are lots of marketplaces which provide people the opportunity to easily solve everyday, domestic, transport, and many other issues. And in turn for entrepreneurs, marketplaces allow combining their work. But even with all advantages given from online marketplaces, not every e-commerce business owner can be unsuccessful. What could be causing this? The most common problem for aspiring businessmen is the uncertainty in choosing a niche

How Blockchain May Change Future Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces of all types have been a widely discussed issue for the last two decades. With their fast development, more and more businesspeople are trying to understand how B2B, B2C, and C2C marketplaces work and to get deeper insight into their successful algorithms. Indeed, online marketing has deserved its success. No one will argue that it possesses many fascinating features, such as: - it is scalable and fully customizable - it

The Cryptocurrency Adoption by Leading Marketplaces: What Do We Have So Far

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most discussed topics in the world economy. Indeed, the decentralization can bring a lot of benefits to both Internet commerce and ordinary people (such as lower transaction fees, faster transfers, top-of-the-line security and complete anonymity). On the other hand, the development of decentralized financial tools is unprofitable for any state, since in the future it can form a huge gap in its budget. In addition,

How online marketplaces can affect the potential of your brand

It's a well-known fact that modern e-commerce seeks to develop a cross-border trend. And the logical consequence of such conduct is the growing importance of online marketplaces in international trade. (The Roobykon Software experts have recently presented the article "To Meet Global Ambitions, Look To Local Marketplaces" in their blog and described in detail how online marketplaces can help brands and retailers go global.) Last year, we had the following prediction about

Alibaba Vs Amazon: A Battle Of Two E-Commerce Giants

The Chinese Giant and the American Colossus find themselves at loggerheads, each determined to drive forward its own vision: a ‘pure’ marketplace on one hand; ‘retailer logic’ on the other. Alibaba is often mistakenly thought of as ‘the Chinese Amazon’. It’s easy to see how people arrive at this description: after all, the two companies each dominate their respective primary markets. A quick look at the numbers for 2016 shows us

LumiArts Transformation By Roobykon – Open New Colors!

In an age where almost everything is mass-produced, many people are more concerned than ever with finding ways to develop and express a taste that is unique and individual to them. One of the purest forms of individual expression is art – and for those of us who are not talented artists ourselves, expression through art means enjoying the work of other people. From mega-institutions like New York’s Guggenheim and

The latest Ruby news: Roobykon Ruby Digest: Issue 16

Web servers! Everyone seems to have an opinion about which are the best and why, but if we’re not careful, habit and loyalty can blind us to rational decision-making. In this issue of Digest, we look in depth at some issues around servers for Ruby – and a whole bunch of other things besides. Enjoy. 10 new features in Ruby 2.5 Ruby 2.5.0-preview1 is the first preview along the road to Ruby

Marketplace Platform Advisor Is Here!

We’re very excited today to introduce a brand new tool, created by Roobykon to help you begin the journey of creating your online marketplace: we’re calling it the Marketplace Platform Advisor. The tool takes the form of an interactive questionnaire that guides you through a series of key considerations about your marketplace. Your responses to our questions enable us to give you individually-tailored advice as to which multi-vendor marketplace

Creating an E-Commerce Marketplace: a Good or a Bad Idea?

In recent months, creating e-commerce marketplaces has become something of a trend. Many e-commerce sites seem quite unhesitant in changing their approach to their business and offering the products of other sellers alongside their own. But if we look a little closer, a few factors exist that easily explain this situation. First of all: Amazon does it. Yes, this alone is enough to start a trend. How many times

HR & Recruitment Conference In Kyiv — The Meeting For True Experts

On Friday, 31th March the International HR & Recruitment Conference opened its doors to a crowd of enquiring minds including our Roobykon Software team. For those who don’t know yet, HR & Recruitment Conference in Kyiv is a speech place for dedicated recruiters, HR leaders, CEO’s and other open-minded folks who are focused on learning International HR experience. It’s a community of people from all over the globe who are joining

The Launch Of Cloud Application For Distance Learning

Breaking the silent note, Roobykon Software is proud to share the results of its dedication. Guys, we definitely haven't been sitting on our hands since the last month! Quite to the contrary, we’ve integrated the cloud learning application for our great Chinese partners -   All our efforts were based on the open Canvas LMS made by Instructure. We achieved the back-end part through the Ruby, and Ruby on Rails

A New Player At The Outsource Development Market – Roobykon Software

Roobykon Software, leading development team, went beyond home market and aims new customers all over the globe. The range of company’s activities is vast and includes web design & development, applications & software development, the field of online games. Due to the wide range of capabilities, and years of successful work, the company decided to move ahead to the external markets. Since 2011 Roobykon Software has been partnering with businesses from

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