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20.11.17 - Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

agricultural disinfectant spray

Silver hydrogen peroxide, a broad spectrum disinfectant is based on the unique formulation of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions in presence of catalysts .The silver used in this may be either in the f... mehr

19.07.17 - Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

ALSTASAN SILVOX Crop Pest Management at Salon Agriculture 2017 Paris

The Salon de l’agriculture organizes Paris International Agricultural Show at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles every year. And this year the grand opening of Salon International Agriculture Expo saw h... mehr

17.07.17 - Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Broad Spectrum Disinfectant for Agriculture - Alstasan Silvox

Agricultural disinfectants are used to control various pests mainly the microbes (viruses,bacteria,fungi) which affect crops and have a serious impact on the economic output of a farm. Agricultura... mehr

10.07.17 - Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Coffee Cultivation - Pests, Diseases and Chemical Disinfection with Alstasan Silvox

Coffee is the popular beverage name for a species of plants of Coffea genus cultivated for their beans that are used for preparing stimulating drinks. They are small evergreen shrubs with multiple ste... mehr

07.07.17 - Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Silvox for Aquaculture Disinfection

Aquaculture sector, primarily those of Limnoculture (Freshwater fishes) and Vannamei culture (Freshwater shrimps) extensively use disinfectants in their farms for bio-security as well as routine clean... mehr

10.04.17 - Silver Hydrogen Peroxide

Alstasan Silvox - Disinfectant and Fumigant

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide has earned its name as an eco-friendly disinfectant that can be used universally. The silver here functions both as a stabilizer and activator, keeping the peroxide ions stabl... mehr

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