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agricultural disinfectant spray

Press release from: Silver Hydrogen Peroxide
silver hydrogen peroxide based agriculture disinfectant
silver hydrogen peroxide based agriculture disinfectant

Silver hydrogen peroxide, a broad spectrum disinfectant is based on the unique formulation of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions in presence of catalysts .The silver used in this may be either in the form of nano particles or silver nitrate.

For many years Hydrogen peroxide alone has been used extensively as a potential chemical disinfectant in various field of applications. But hydrogen peroxide is a highly reactive compound, owing to its strong oxidizing nature it decomposes quickly into water and oxygen thereby reducing its disinfection efficiency.

Silver in this formulation plays the role of a stabilizer and an activator. It helps to control the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

One of the most unique feature of silver ion is that it shows the property of an activator only when it comes in contact with biological impurities. It activates the hydrogen peroxide which in turn oxidizes all contaminants. After the entire decomposition process is complete, silver ions again starts its stabilizing action for the residual hydrogen peroxide which was not involved in the oxidation. This is called a ‘store’ or ‘depot’ action.

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide shows efficacy against all kinds of viruses, yeast, mould and spore formers in almost every possible applications such as soil, water, air and surface.

ALSTASAN SILVOX a unique product of Chemtex has been designed with hydrogen peroxide stabilized with nano silver particles.

This product shows oligo-dynamic function against all types of microbes.

One of the major use of SILVOX is in agricultural disinfection.

Some of the most important applications in agricultural sectors are as follows:

ALSTASAN SILVOX finds application in soil fumigation, as an agricultural disinfectant spray. It kills different types of bugs, insects and flies residing on the soil by forming a gas. One of the advantages of SILVOX is that it can be applied directly over moistened soil beds without any additional requirement of water rinsing thus preventing nutrient depletion, also this product allows a much lesser time for making the soil ready for plantation which effectively increases crop production.

This is a non toxic product which can be applied as a foliar spray on different food crops like apples, potatoes, tomatoes etc.

ALSTASAN SILVOX is dosed in irrigation water which is fed to the plant zone through a drip line. This helps in controlling the re-growth of different pests.

Agricultural tools like cutting knives, scissors, etc can be sterilized with Alstasan Silvox Solution.

Excessive use of any pesticides results unwanted taste, and toxic residue on the crops which leads to consumer rejection. Washing with ALSTASAN SILVOX ensures fresh farm appearance, remove all types of toxic residues and increases the productivity.

This product has no toxic effect on agricultural crops and causes no taste or smell alteration. It is biodegradable and eco friendly having no carcinogenic and mutagenic effect to humans.

For more details please visit at our website:- www.silverhydrogenperoxide.com/

Silver Hydrogen Peroxide marketed under the trade name of Alstasan Silvox by Chemtex Speciality Limited is a universal broad spectrum biocide with varied applications from soil disinfection to potable water disinfectant. As a poultry disinfectant, it stops spread of poultry diseases, even as a dairy disinfectant for sterilization of milk and equipment, aquaculture disinfectant for checking microbial growth in waters, effective for waste water sanitation from pharma, textiles and other industries. Swimming pool treatment and irrigation water sterilization are other notable applications. Silver H2O2 achieves effective sterilization in hospitals.

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