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08.07.11 - AEPOC

AEPOC: Police arrest another six suspects to stop illegal distribution of Pay-TV content

Anti-piracy action in Cyprus widens – German court conducts 16 days hearing to prove Pay-TV piracy – Card sharer in the UK sentenced - Six more servers seized distributing illegally BFBS, BSkyB a... mehr

22.06.11 - AEPOC

AEPOC: Joint police and industry action brings down card sharing pirate in record time

Large scale pay-TV pirate stopped from offering illicit subscriptions for BSkyB, Nova and BFBS across Europe - Police raid in Cyprus stops largest case of commercial card sharing - BFBS and AEPOC... mehr

30.09.10 - AEPOC

AEPOC to extend Association's resources to strengthen fight against audio-visual piracy

European Anti-Piracy Association to unveil new action plan - New Board – President Rousseau, Vice Presidents and Board of Directors confirmed in office until 2013 - New Action – Dedicated Commi... mehr

21.07.09 - AEPOC

AEPOC increasingly alarmed about understanding of piracy in the EU

European Anti-Piracy Association meets in Brussels - Jean Grenier: “Piracy is not a sport, it remains a theft. The election of the Pirate Party shows there is confusion among voters on this matter.... mehr

21.11.05 - AEPOC

3rd AEPOC European Anti-Piracy Symposium, London 22nd November 2005

Secure your registration for AEPOC free of charge conference Rights protection in the content everywhere environment: Can we meet the new security challenge? Tuesday, 22nd November 2005 – Le M... mehr

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