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Frankfurt Music Fair 2010: Friedemann Tischmeyer is excited about using the Line …

After a long search mastering engineer, worldwide respected textbook author and successful lecturer Friedemann Tischmeyer who is booked by the most demanding clientele has finally found the headphone amplifier of his choice: the Linear Pro from Lehmannaudio. The Californian by adoption is particularly enthusiastic about the absence of artefacts and the relaxed listening even over prolonged working hours. Tischmeyer on the device: „The Linear ist phenomenal – a whole new

High End 2009 - Sennheiser uses know-how of specialist company from Bergisch Gla …

At the High End 2009 which just closed its doors, Sennheiser electronic, the innovation leader in the field of dynamic headphones, employed a headphone amplifier from Lehmann audio for their presentation of the brandnew top-of-the-range model HD 800.   The Linear headphone amplifier used by Sennheiser has been a constant for years in the in-house design lab and is both accepted and popular with music lovers and professionals alike. The Studiomagazin’s

High End 2007 - Hifi from Germany in Munich

Under the motto \"Hifi from Germany\" a consortium of the three German manufacturers Scheu Analogue, Lehmann audio and trivox united to organise combined presentations of their top quality home audio equipment for the demanding customer. Prospective buyers can listen to perfectly assembled audio setups and get in depth impressions of the audio performance. All three manufacturers develop and manufacture exclusively in Germany. First demonstrations have been held since March this

Prolight + Sound 2007: High End by an audio engineer used by Ultrasone and elys …

(Cologne, 27.03.2007) Headphone amplifiers by Lehmann audio will be exclusively used during the forthcoming Prolight + Sound 2007 by the companies Ultrasone (Hall 8, booth J54) and elysia (Hall 5.1, booth D64). The ambitioned German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone and the young German company elysia, who already found the flagship product, the \"alpha compressor\", in a raving ten page review of the magazin \"Studiomagazin\" rely on the Lehmann audio

World's market leader in turntable cartridges to buy electronics in Cologne

(Cologne, Nov. 02nd 2006) The Danish traditional company Ortofon, the world’s most significant producer of turntable pickup systems, has ordered electronic devices exclusively from Cologne-based specialist manufacturer Lehmann for their quality control in Nakskov, Denmark. The equipment used, a Black Cube Statement, is the entry-level phono preamp that was presented by Lehmann audio at the High End 2006. This model already lived up to the high expectations by the Danish

High End by an audio engineer now available on all five continents

(Cologne/Johannesburg, June. 20. 2006) Norbert Lehmann (43), graduate audio engineer and owner of Lehmann audio from Cologne, Germany reached one of his most important middle-term goals: Now people even on the african continent know about the high quality and outstanding price to value ration of his products. John Topham, owner of J.A.D.E. Services cc from Johannesburg has already been a distributor for other quality brands like Thorens, Elac and Audio Physic.

New heart for analog cult object - Black Cube phono stage redesigned

When Norbert Lehmann, audio engineer and owner of Lehmann audio entered the market in summer 1995 with the Black Cube phono stage, noone could foresee the tremendous success of this rather plain looking product. Audio magazines and thousands of cutomers worldwide appreciate the outstanding audio performance. The Black Cube has been recognized as a benchmark product in its price class and beyond. It received numerous awards and reached an unrivalled

No monsters for minis - Space saving power amp debuts at the Heathrow show

Because space becomes an issue more and more small speakers are definitely a trend. And they are getting better all the time. However, anyone who wants to assemble a setup with those speakers that in some cases can sound far bigger than their size implies is bewildered when the same Hifi dealer who first ballyhoos the great sound of the small speakers in question ends up with recommending a power amp

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