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Be vital and full of energy at the start of spring:

With the natural power of medicinal mushrooms you will blossom again Finally, spring is coming! Longer days and the awakening nature boost the mood and a more active lifestyle. Especially during the transition from the cold to the warm season, many of us feel tired and exhausted. The reason for this is the so-called spring fatigue. With a little support - especially a balanced, nutrient-rich and high-fiber diet - this

Hypertension: Often unnoticed, always a risk

Vital mushrooms provide a valuable contribution in the prevention and therapy of hypertension Hypertension is considered one of the greatest health problems of the modern age. In the United Kingdom alone, according to data from the NHS, about 12,5 million people - almost every fourth - are affected. The great danger: Although hypertension can cause further serious diseases, many sufferers do not suspect their hypertension. They feel well and have

Migraine is a widespread disease: Medicinal mushrooms provide a valuable contrib …

"Normal" headaches are bad enough, but in comparison to a migraine attack, they appear rather harmless. Migraine patients suffer from extreme headaches. And often for several days, because a migraine attack usually takes between four and 72 hours. The pulsating, throbbing, pounding and hammering pain is particularly in the region of the forehead, temples and eyes. This is is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and extreme light sensitivity. The complaints

A beautiful skin comes from the inside

A vitality mushroom diet can give you a radiant appearance A clean and naturally beautiful skin gives us a positive appearance. It expresses health and vitality. But the look in the mirror often shows us something different. The skin is dry and irritated. The complexion looks tired and stressed. The good news is: A healthy lifestyle is advantageous for a beautiful skin. Additionally, vitality mushrooms – also called medicinal mushrooms

Holiday season – Escape from stress

A medicinal mushroom diet brings back the inner balance Whether on the beach, in the mountains, in countries far away from home on the traces of foreign cultures or just on the balcony: Holiday season is the most beautiful time of the year. Now, it is possible to leave all the stress behind and finally once again let your mind go. But the daily routine of more and more people looks

Have you ever heard of Mycotherapy?

Mycotherapy originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM, medicinal mushrooms have been used successfully for centuries in the treatment of numerous diseases and preventive healthcare. Even if Mycotherapy is a comparatively recent approach within holistic medicine, its significance is increasing. Mycotherapy mainly focuses on two aspects: it addresses the entire individual and aims at identifying and eliminating the causes of diseases instead of only treating symptoms. Medicinal mushrooms are

Vital and full of energy instead of tired and exhausted

With the natural power of medicinal mushrooms, you can fill up your energy tank Finally spring is here! Milder temperatures, longer days and the awakening nature lure to a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, many of us feel tired and dull during that time of the year. The reason is the spring tiredness. This phenomenon often passes by itself. However, more and more people are suffering from recurrent or even chronic exertion,

Bye Bye Hay Fever: The natural power of medicinal mushrooms can help allergy suf …

Watery and itchy eyes, a runny nose and sneezing attacks: With the beginning of the pollination, the annual hay fever season starts. This marks the beginning of a suffering period for more and more people. In the UK alone, about 10 million people suffer from pollen allergies. Hay fever is the most frequent form of allergies and causes severe complaints. The complaints are often so heavy that sufferers experience a

Effective Naturopathy

Medicinal mushrooms make a valuable contribution to the holistic cancer therapy Limeshain, February 2017*** With this year’s World Cancer Day on Februar4th coming, the world takes a look at the current developments. The statistics on new diseases are still depressing. In the United Kingdom alone, 356.860 people were affected by cancer in 2014 according to The absolute number of new cases of cancer has almost doubled up since the 1970’s.

Effective and natural detoxification

Effective and natural detoxification Effective purification and detoxification with the power of medicinal mushrooms Who doesn’t know that? In the first months of the year, many of us complain about tiredness and a lack of vitality. This is no surprise because our metabolism slows down during the cold season. It works slowly and sluggish. There is also our unbalanced lifestyle during winter. As a result, our body is overloaded with pollutants and

Staying healthy and fit during the winter

As in every year, the first foggy days in autumn are the kickoff for colds and flu. Whether in the bus, tube, plane, office or school: Not later than October, many people start coughing and sneezing. Those symptoms are typical for inflammations of the upper respiratory tract. The complaints appear in different intensities and combinations. If other symptoms like headache, freezing, fatigue and increased body temperature come along, you can

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