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04.05.17 - Embassy of Uzbekisan in Berlin

"Atlas Bairami" Festival

"Atlas Bairami" festival will be held from 15 to 17 September in the city of Margilan. The festival is held from 2015. "Atlas Bairami" festival contributes to the further development and popularizati... mehr

07.10.14 - Embassy of Uzbekisan in Berlin


Modern Uzbekistan has established itself in the global environment of political, economic and cultural relations as a competent independent state that has uniqueness and its own independent position. ... mehr

29.05.06 - Embassy of Uzbekisan in Berlin

Uzbek President's Book Presented in Kuwait

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov’s book “The Uzbek people will never depend on anyone” was presented at the Kuwait National University. The representatives of the Kuwait government, social... mehr

26.05.06 - Embassy of Uzbekisan in Berlin

Uzbek president receives head of German business delegation

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov received chairman of Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Germany) Klaus Mangold at presidential resident Oqsaroy on 23 May. Uzbek leader pointed... mehr

09.05.06 - Embassy of Uzbekisan in Berlin

The reform of the judicial system of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The purposeful and stage-by-stage judicial reform in the Republic of Uzbekistan has been underway since 2001. The following achievements can speak to the functioning of an independent judicial sys... mehr

08.05.06 - Embassy of Uzbekisan in Berlin

Development of child sports in Uzbekistan

Upbringing of healthy young generation is one of the main objectives of state policy in Uzbekistan. The children\'s sport in Uzbekistan has gained massive nature for the period of Independence. It h... mehr

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