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Mobile Marketing Made Simple

The city portal mycitymate has just launched a new service: mobile multi-media channels. These channels combine content from various sources and in various formats and make it easily available on the Internet and mobile phones. Bars & clubs, small shops, restaurants and other local businesses have trouble reaching their clientele when it matters most – on the road when customers actually take their buying decisions, decide where to go next,

turn travel insights into money

So far there has been no simple way for travel writers or well informed travelers to monetize their valuable travel insights through the internet or even mobile phones and iPods. The city portal mycitymate now introduced a service which will allow for exactly that. mycitymate recently introduced mycitymate channels. These channels combine content from various sources and in various formats and make it easily available via the Internet and on mobile

mycitymate - a new local mobile 2.0 community

mycitymate is a new local mobile 2.0 community which helps people find new and trendy locations as well as old and new friends – online and on mobile phones. With mycitymate, users know what is going on where, which locations to check out and where to find friends. The problem is well known. We look for a new, trendy and exciting location to meet some friends but do not

Win an iPod with mycitymate

mycitymate – the first urban life-style network - has almost 4,000 venues and reviews about restaurants, bars & clubs, shopping and more! But we want more! To crack this number – and to give something back for all fantastic contributions – we launch the mycitymate iPod competition! The competition will run until midnight on the 31st of August. Whoever writes entry # 4,250 – be it a new venue or review

mycitymate audio guides – your personal city guide

Today mycitymate introduces enhanced mobile city guides with audio guides to the most popular sights in Berlin and Munich. Bundled in one package users of mycitymate now get the city guide together with over 15 minutes worth of professionally produced audio guides. Booking an expensive tour guide, and following a strict path along the tourist trails together with a bunch of tourists is now a thing of the past. mycitymate
06-08-2006 | Sports
mycitymate S.L.

mycitymate launches guide to the FIFA World Cup Cities

Only one day left and the FIFA Football World Cup will begin. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world will come to Germany to support their teams as well as discover the 12 cities in which the matches will take place. With the new mycitymate World Cup Guide they will always know where the best Restaurants, the trendiest bars and the must see points of interest are. Just

mycitymate- Stuttgart & Leipzig city guides available now

mycitymate collaborates with hundreds of travellers and locals to host online city guides with the latest reviews on restaurants, bars & clubs, accommodation, shopping and more. This month, 2 new cities have been added to the already extensive library of 11 European cities. You can discover the best events and venues in Amsterdam, Berlin, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Munich, Barcelona, Cologne, Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome and now Stuttgart & Leipzig too! The

mycitymate launches city guides for the Apple iPod

mycitymate – iPod city guides Who said an iPod's only for listening to music? We know better! You can now get all the essential information about your home city and other top European cities on your iPod. In addition to the more than 60 mobile phones for which mycitymate already offers its city guides, we have now support for the mobile device of the year – the iPod. Now you can

mycitymate launches urban tribes – the first community based city guide!

mycitymate – ”urban tribes” Invite your friends and share reviews, favourite venues and events, creating your very own guide to your home city. mycitymate provides online city guides which connect travellers with local knowledge. Venues, reviews and comments are added by locals and travellers and are integrated into the city guides. Therefore, the guides are essentially written by the people that use them. The resulting city guides are much more current and

mycitymate - a new form of city guides

mycitymate – ”Your City – Your Guide” Europe’s first city guide written by travelers & locals launches mobile guides for eight cities, with more soon to come. mycitymate provides online city guides which connect travellers with local knowledge. Getting real local insights is now a practical possibility. mycitymate achieves this through creation of local social networks in an open content environment. Venues, reviews and comments from locals and travellers are

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