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Press Releases from Naval Defence Consulting (8 total)

Commodore Garry Beauvoir of Naval Defence Consulting Identifies the issues aroun …

Commodore Garry Beauvoir’s research on Situation Awareness (SA) in regard to Autonomous/Drone Shipping highlights it is being aware of what is happening around the operator and understanding what that information means now and in the near future. SA is a goal-directed concept, meaning that the attentional resources are used to capture the elements that are relevant for the goals of tasks. It would be very critical for the operators to

Commodore Garry Beauvoir of Naval Defence Consulting raised concerns of cyber at …

Commodore Garry Beauvoir stated a vessel that has an uplink or is fitted with the possibility for remote operation, always has a possibility for a cyber-attack, but even a manned vessel is possible to attack from remote source to attempt disablement. Naval Defence Consulting has mainly identified the critical parts of the infrastructure and indicated possible technical means to achieve a sufficiently high security and safety level. Cyber security

Commodore Garry Beauvoir of Naval Defence Consulting presented the latest advanc …

Commodore Garry Beauvoir described how the European Commission and Defence Agency have actively been driving two large Autonomous Ship projects, one of them is the MUNIN project, which was a highly successful concept study, investigating the feasibility of unmanned merchant ships. The MUNIN-project has now matured into a higher level project called Raven. The Raven project will use these results and outsights provided by MUNIN to develop what is being

China Enters the Autonomous/Drone Shipping Arena

Eyebrows have been raised and shouts of returning to the heady days of the space race have been heard after Naval Defence Consulting released its report on China's lead in the autonomous/drone shipping arena. Naval Defence Consulting’s review identified that way back in 2013 China formed The “Marine Equipment Information Intelligent Management and Application Technology Innovation Centre”. The centre focuses on the core technology development of smart ships. In May 2015

Autonomous Shipping South Korea Project

Naval Defence Consulting launch the hybrid autonomous shipping solutions with remote operated vessels, vessels in convoy, what is now referred to as “Platooning” the first ship in a convoy of ships send its acceleration/retardation data to the following ships, enabling them to hold course and thereby save fuel and reduce carbon footprint. Naval Defence Consulting will work with South Korean maritime bodies to pilot this next-step nautical strategy where

Autonomous/Drons Ships Soon to be “Plain Sailing”

Naval Defence Consulting’s new Senior Vice President and defence expert Commodore Garry Beauvoir says “the face of naval action will soon be revolutionised when unmanned autonomous craft...robot or drone ships will replace sailors on active missions. Drone ships are capable of travelling thousands of miles ghost ship style, totally unmanned, being propelled by oceans using sensors, silent and steadfast they can be on mission for up to a year as there

Autonomous versus Drone ships

The first action of the newly elected Senior President of Naval Defence Consulting, Commodore Garry Beauvoir, is to define the strategy for future goals in autonomous and Drone Shipping for both Merchant and Defence vessels. Commodore Garry Beauvoir made comment at a recent Defence Presentation for Autonomous Ships, that the terms ‘autonomous’ and ‘drone’ shipping have become somewhat clouded and confused in the public mind. A ‘totally autonomous’ ship

Commodore Garry Beauvoir Joins Naval Defence Consulting

Trained UN Peacekeeper Commander, CMDRE. Garry Beauvoir Joins Naval Defence Consulting to Lead Autonomous Shipping Global Projects Naval Defence today announced that Commodore Garry Beauvoir, Navy Search and Rescue, has joined the Board of Lead Consultants in a newly created position, as a senior president of Naval Projects Liaison and member of our executive team. Commodore Garry Beauvoir (MN) will have oversight of the strategic direction, supporting expansion and operation of

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