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Ronnie recycler delivers special treat to children at Troyeville Primary School

Children at Troyeville Primary School were delighted when Ronnie Recycler from Mpact Recycling visited them to give a talk about the importance of recycling and how the collection of recyclables can help their school raise funds. In the spirit of Mandela Month, Mpact Recycling partnered with Chicken Xpress to treat children, teachers and volunteers to 1,000 meals sponsored by the food outlet. Mpact Recycling communications manager, Donna Noble, says Ronnie Recycler

Young entrepreneur opens buy back centre in Isipingo

After completing matric in 2016, Sebastian Munilall (19) knew he wanted to build a sustainable future for himself. After extensive research, he decided that the recycling industry presented an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity for him. Munilall says his father has 13 years of experience in the recycling industry. “My father collects recyclables such as paper and plastic from various companies, he then sells them to buy-back centres in the area and

Mpact’s female business partners take centre stage this Women’s Month

In this Women’s Month in which South Africa pays special tribute to the women of the country, Mpact Recycling is more than ever encouraging women to seize the opportunities that recycling presents for them to create successful businesses and careers. Among its many female business partners is Dudu Feleza, the small-business owner of a recycling buy-back centre based in Kempton Park. It is contracted to Mpact Recycling to supply material,

Mpact Recycling challenges South Africans to keep our country clean 365 days a y …

The growing culture of recycling continues to have a positive effect on poverty alleviation, enterprise development as well as economic growth. Further, there is the added environmental benefit of preventing tons of waste from going into landfill sites. Mpact Recycling is responsible for the collection of over 450 000 tonnes of paper each year, received from a number of sources including trolley-preneurs, small businesses, buy-back centres, schools, and communities to name

Ronnie Recycler & Mrs SA Finalist Prenita Reddi Visit M C Kharbai School

M C Kharbai School received a special visit from Ronnie Recycler (Mpact Recycling mascot), Yasmeen Adam (Procurement Representative from Mpact Recycling) and Prenita Reddi (Tammy Taylor Mrs SA Finalist), to form part of their Mandela Day event. Mpact Recycling has partnered with the Mrs SA pageant, a woman empowerment programme, for the third consecutive year. Through the partnership with Mpact Recycling, the Top 25 Mrs South Africa finalists are encouraged to

Children! Help save our environment by recycling juice and milk cartons

Ronnie Recycler (Mpact Recycling celebrity mascot) says that by recycling our milk and juice cartons, we prevent them from becoming waste and give them a new life. This is a big deal because by doing so we also get to protect our natural resources, and reduce the dangers of litter on our environment, as well as health problems linked to air and land pollution. What exactly is ‘waste’? Waste is anything

Litter kills, is the message Mrs SA contestants are taking to communities

“Keeping our community clean and neat is the responsibility of every one of us,” says Donna-Mari Noble, Communications Manager of Mpact Recycling. Furthering this social objective by encouraging communities to recycle was a major motivation behind Mpact Recycling’s partnership with the glamorous 2016 Mrs South Africa pageant. “How better to highlight environmental issues than by contrasting the dirt of an environment with the poise, beauty and sophistication of a pageant queen?”

Mpact Recycling supports SPCA/ Hospice this Recycling week 2016

Mpact Recycling, part of the Mpact Group handed over a cheque to the value of R50 970 to the SPCA and Hospice on 12 September 2016 to benefit the organisations in what they do. The donation forms part of the Mpact Recycling offices programme where the monetary value attached to tonnages collected on behalf of offices is given to the SPCA and Hospice. Donna-Mari Noble, Communications Manager, Mpact Recycling indicated

Turning trash into a tradeable commodity

From resealable Ziploc plastic bags and airtight plastic storage containers to individual single-portion plastic sachets for your favourite foods, the plastics industry offers many ways for consumers to reduce the amount of food wasted in their homes. However, all this plastic used to preserve food for longer, eventually has to end up somewhere. "Post-consumer plastic waste is a growing problem for landfill management and in terms of waste disposal. This


Most people agree that recycling is important and must be done in their homes and at work, having already accepted that pollution and climate change rank among some of the serious challenges facing our planet. “Most of us are open to the idea of doing something positive about it but simply don’t know where to start,” says Donna Noble, Communications Manager of Mpact Recycling. We will each produce more than 600


According to Mpact Recycling starting a school recycling programme need not be an overwhelming task, it simply requires a bit of planning. “Paper can be both reused and recycled. By using every sheet on both sides, using the reverse side as scrap paper or for making copies, a school’s paper cost could be reduced considerably. Other paper-based materials such as juice and milk cartons from the tuck shop also add up,

Tetra Pak, Mpact Recycling, and Food & Trees for Africa collaborate for #67Minut …

Tetra Pak and Mpact Recycling, in partnership with Food & Trees for Africa, have planted 54 trees between Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban to celebrate Mandela Day. Employees from Tetra Pak and Mpact Recycling planted 18 trees at each of the three sites on Wednesday, July 20 in Johannesburg and Pinetown, and Thursday, July 21 in Cape Town. “At Mpact Recycling, we’re in the business of sustainability through our active

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