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DÜRR NDT Supports Digital Radiography Training in Australia

ATTAR (Advanced Technology Testing and Research), headquartered in Victoria, Australia with a team of around 45 employees provides a range of services such as non-destructive testing, failure analysis and forensic engineering, risk assessment services, and specialist testing of structures and vessels. ATTAR also provides year-wide training courses for all major NDT techniques such as radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and eddy current testing. ATTAR has been using DÜRR NDT computed radiography scanners

Seamless Digital RT Workflow with DRIVE NDT and D-Tect X from DÜRR NDT

For an optimal digital workflow in radiographic testing (RT), the X-ray inspection software D-Tect X can be integrated with the NDT management software DRIVE NDT. The closely meshed interaction between DRIVE NDT and D-Tect X means that a large part of the process takes place automatically. This not only saves time, but the automatic exchange of data also minimizes the possibility of human error. As all the steps and processes

Rapid CUI Inspection with the DRA 3543 NDT Flat Panel Detector from DÜRR NDT

NDE Solutions Pty Ltd, located in Adelaide, South Australia with a team of over 60 employees provides non-destructive testing and inspection solutions to the oil and gas, defence, power, and mining industries. NDE Solutions has been using the DÜRR NDT DRA 3543 digital flat panel since 2021 in combination with Iridium-192 radiation sources to perform Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI) radiography for confirming pipe wall loss in oil and gas plants and refineries. The

DÜRR NDT's CR 35 NDT First Choice for Scandiflash's Flash X-ray Systems

Scandiflash is a global leader in low and medium voltage flash X-ray systems with hundreds of systems installed in more than 30 countries, used in a variety of research and development environments. Years of development and production experience and feedback from hundreds of customers worldwide have improved and expanded Scandiflash's comprehensive product line. Scandiflash systems can generate images that can see the nearly impossible. The flash X-ray systems are optimized to

DRIVE NDT enables DEKRA to increase its efficiency with digital NDT workflow man …

DEKRA has approximately 48,000 employees and ranks as one of the foremost testing companies worldwide. A pioneering team is introducing the innovative DRIVE NDT to organize non-destructive testing and its peripheral processes at the BAYERNOIL site in Neustadt. Digital processes are firmly embedded in all industrial fields these days. The resulting advantages are clearly seen by all companies and industries and their potential is also increa­singly recognized for non-destructive testing. Benjamin

Museum Invests in Digital Imaging X-ray Technology from DÜRR NDT

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (CWF) is the oldest and largest living history museum in the United States, offering access to a 301-acre Historic Area and outstanding museum exhibits for visitors. It is an active site for archaeology and research, with significant cultural collections, such as decorative art, American folk art, and architectural materials. The Foundation's collections represent a wide range of media such as paper, ceramics, textiles, various metals and

HEMATITE can focus on the job and the inspections - while managing the rest with …

HEMATITE Bv is a company based in Mortsel, Belgium and specializes in NDT inspection with conventional techniques. Their experience stretches through various sectors, such as mechanical and steel engineering, chemical and petrochemical, and oil and gas. Whether evaluating welding quality or investigating other production process issues, HEMATITE can detect and prove any irregularities through efficient testing methods. The company has been using the DRIVE NDT management software since its foundation for

Corrosion-Under-Insulation Inspection Made Easy with the CR 35 NDT from DÜRR ND …

Stork Technical Services, located in Kwinana, Western Australia with a team of over 30 employees provides asset integrity and fabric maintenance services to the oil and gas, chemical, power and mining industries. Stork Technical Services has been using the CR 35 NDT Computed Radiography scanner since 2019 and uses it with Iridium-192 in combination with high-sensitivity white imaging plates to perform Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI) radiography and digital gap shots which are

JME and DÜRR NDT Join Forces for Innovative Industrial X-ray Solution

JME Ltd. is a well-known British company that has been supplying the NDT industry over the past 35 years. Their core product range consists of the JME pipeline crawlers inspection systems and Betatron X-Ray system. Together with DÜRR NDT's D-Tect X imaging software, JME takes its DXB:1 to the next level. Some time ago, JME introduced their new digital system for weld inspection of pipelines - the DXB:1. This buggy is

Computed Radiography Ideal for Flash X-ray Applications

L3 Harris is a world-leading manufacturer of flash X-ray systems that address a wide variety of industrial and research applications. Flash X-ray is used when it is necessary to examine fast-moving, visually-obscured objects, or to observe the effects of an event or impact that is too fast for the human eye. L3 Harris Pulserad™ Flash X-ray Systems produce a single, extremely short and high-powered X-ray pulse that can be used to

Applus+ Entrusts DRIVE NDT with Digitization of NDT Workflow

Applus+ Germany is one of the largest providers of non-destructive testing (NDT) services in Germany and with more than 20,000 employees in over 70 countries is one of the largest companies in the industry worldwide. In order to cement its leading position over the longer term, Applus+ is investing in future technologies. One of the key challenges of the future is the digitalization of all NDT processes. "A key promise is

HD-CR 35 NDT from DÜRR NDT Increases Efficiency of Oil & Gas RT Inspection Task …

ENOD S.R.L is an NDT service company based in Buenos Aires, serving the energy sector in Argentina since August 1980. ENOD is one of the largest service providers in Argentina, offering a wide range of inspection methods to fit their customers' needs. They have largely invested in the latest technologies to be one of the pioneers in their local market. A few years ago, they stepped into digital radiography to replace

DRIVE NDT Workflow Management Software Honored by Frost & Sullivan with Product …

Frost & Sullivan has honored the NDT workflow management software DRIVE NDT from AAP NDT and DÜRR NDT with the New Product Innovation Award. With this award, Frost & Sullivan recognizes the innovative core of DRIVE NDT and acknowledges the "need for seamless NDT workflow management software to maximize uptime and optimize work processes". "While other competitors' NDT workflow management software applications focus on digitizing and automating either single or multiple

DÜRR NDT Introduces New Portable Flat Panel Detector for Corrosion and Erosion …

The new DRC 3643 NDT rounds off DÜRR NDT's DRC product range of robust flat panel detectors for industrial digital radiography. Thanks to its portability and large active area of 36 x 43 cm, the new detector is particularly well suited for corrosion and erosion inspections on pipes in compliance with DIN EN ISO 20769. With a pixel pitch of 140 µm, the DRC 3643 NDT offers an optimum balance

PSMN Recommends HD-CR 35 NDT for Research Applications

The Center for Nuclear Standardization and Quality (also known as PSMN), located in Serpong, Indonesia is a part of National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN) and is responsible for creating and implementing standards as well as assessing conformity through certification activities for the nuclear science and technology industry in Indonesia. PSMN has been a user of the DÜRR NDT HD-CR 35 NDT Computed Radiography scanner since 2018 and uses it

Inge-Mark Likes the Robustness of ScanX HR Battery Operated CR Scanner

Inge-Mark is a small service company based in the Province of Santander in Colombia. Founded by Omar Garza in 2014, Inge-Mark was initially based in Barrancabermeja. Four years ago, the company moved to Bucaramanga, 100 km further to the east. The company specializes in radiographic testing of welds. “Our main tasks are field inspections of welds on in-use pipelines with diameters that variate from 2 to 6 inches” commented Omar Garza. Omar Garza

Covering Both Offshore and Onshore Applications with the HD-CR 35 NDT

Winner Inspection, founded in 2010 and headquartered on the island of Labuan in East Malaysia with around 60 employees, offers various conventional and advanced NDT inspection services to the local region. One major Computed Radiography (CR) inspection customer is KPOC, a joint venture in the Kebabangan gas field between PETRONAS Carigali, Shell Energy Asia and ConocoPhillips Sabah Gas Ltd. Winner Inspection has been a user of DÜRR NDT’s HD-CR 35 CR

DÜRR NDT Celebrates 15 Years of Excellence in Industrial Digital Radiography

DÜRR NDT looks back in 2021 on 15 years of innovations and milestones in industrial digital radiography. Founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Dürr Dental SE, DÜRR NDT developed within a very short time to become one of the market-leading manufacturers of imaging plate scanners for non-destructive testing (NDT) with the product launch of its CR 35 models. The technology, known as Computed Radiography (CR), employs reusable imaging plates and

DRP 4040 NDT Proven Workhorse for X-ray Cabinets

Most recently Nissin teamed with Lake X-Ray and DÜRR NDT to install 4 X-ray cabinets fitted with the DRP 4040 NDT flat panel detector. The cabinets are compact yet provide ease of part placement and high production. Nissin produces about 30,000 parts per day at this facility in Georgia. The 4 Lake X-Ray / DÜRR NDT units currently run 3 shifts and 24 hours per day. Each machine is capable of

Digitizing the Pipe Manufacturing Workflow with the HD-CR 35 NDT

PT. Cladtek, located on the island of Batam in Indonesia, is home to Cladtek’s flagship manufacturing facility and is the world’s largest supplier of weld overlay Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) pipe and a leading global supplier of CRA mechanically lined pipe. The company itself was founded in 2003 and has around 800 employees at its Batam facility and has manufacturing locations in Brazil and Saudi Arabia. PT. Cladtek has been a

Analysis of Art Objects with Computed Radiography

We have met Thierry Radelet, founder of an Art Analysis & Restoration Laboratory based in Torino, Italy. 10 years ago, he purchased his first Computed Radiography (CR) scanner: HD-CR 35 NDT. “We have opened wider our range of applications and increased drastically the quality and efficiency of our work. I’ve been able to deliver a very high quality of image with CR, never equaled before. The main advantage is the

Efficient Wall Profiling with the HD-CR 35 NDT

Danamin (M) Sdn Bhd is an inspection company located in Johor, Malaysia with more than 200 employees nationwide and is a long-term user of the HD-CR 35 NDT Computed Radiography scanner. Danamin has been using the HD-CR 35 NDT system for pipe profile inspection since 2007 and initially acquired the system to fulfill an inspection requirement from Petronas Chemicals MTBE in Kuantan. Other customers taking advantage of Danamin’s computed radiography capability

DÜRR NDT Introduces New Flat Panel Detector for High Energies

DÜRR NDT’s new DRC 2430HE NDT flat panel detector has been specially developed for applications with high energies and can be used with both X-ray and gamma sources. Due to its special design and shielding, the DRC 2430HE NDT is suitable for energies up to 350 kV; for energies up to 450 kV, an external shielding is available. The rugged housing is dust-tight and waterproof and ensures maximum protection even

X-ray inspection made easy with D-Tect X from DÜRR NDT

D-Tect X is the latest generation of DÜRR NDT’s proven software for industrial radiography and was developed from the ground-up in close cooperation with level 3 experts and users. The result is a software solution that sets new standards in terms of performance and user-friendliness and at the same time is extremely flexible. Everything is covered: from image acquisition, image evaluation and report generation to data import and export. With support

Computed Radiography to Increase Efficiency in Heat Exchanger Inspection

OK CONTROL S.r.l., a service company located in Schio, Italy has always strived to make quality an ultimate priority since its beginnings in 2002. OK CONTROL is capable of performing VT, PT, MT, UT and RT inspections both in-house or on-site at the customer's location. Over the years, OK CONTROL has specialized in a number of very specific and unique applications and through this have developed techniques in which digital

Aerospace Injection Pipes have no more Secrets anymore with the DÜRR NDT DR 7!

Thales Alenia Space is one of the major worldwide players in the Aerospace industry, manufacturing satellites for customers all around the world that geo-localize and connect anyone or anything and observe our planet. The company emerged from an alliance between 2 companies: Thales and Leonardo. With more than 40 years expertise in the sector, Thales Alenia Space delivers innovative solutions for telecommunications, navigation, earth observation, exploration, science, and orbital infrastructures. Thales

Computed Radiography beats Film in Aircraft Inspection

NDE Services, Inc. has been providing Nondestructive Testing services throughout the country since 1979. NDE Services, Inc. is a recognized leader in the field of Nondestructive Testing. NDE Services, Inc. has the personnel to respond to all Nondestructive Testing requirements. NDE Services is certified to meet the requirements of NAS 410 and ASNT-SNT-TC-1A. Personnel experience levels vary from 10 years to 45 years in the field of Nondestructive Testing. NDE Services

HD-CR 35 NDT addresses multiple applications

QC Laboratories, Inc. is a industrial commercial testing laboratory incorporated in 1965, with two branches in Florida and one in Cincinnati, Ohio. QC Laboratories’ expertise is providing all disciplines of non-destructive testing services for aircraft, aerospace materials and components, including inspecting welds and doing thickness measurements on pipes, storage tanks and marine vessels. QC Laboratories using the HD-CR 35 NDT QC Labs has used their DÜRR NDT HD-CR 35 for pipe weld

DÜRR NDT releases hi-res wireless Flat Panel Detector for Industrial Radiograph …

The extremely robust new DRC 2430 NDT flat panel detector has been specially developed for maximum portability and the harsh conditions of field radiography and can also be used with both X-rays and gamma sources. The heavy duty one-piece aluminum housing ensures maximum protection against the external environment with the unit being both dust-tight and waterproof (IP67 classification according to IEC 60529). Images produced by the DRC 2430 NDT feature both excellent

DÜRR NDT - 50 years of experience in X-ray technology

DÜRR NDT, as a subsidiary of Dürr Dental SE, looks back on 50 years in X-ray technology this year. It all began in 1968 when we developed and manufactured the Procomat for Siemens - our first fully automated X-ray film development device. This was followed in 1975 by the X-ray film development device model “1330”, sold under our Dürr Dental brand. In 1989, its successor featuring immersion tank technology, the XR

Proven Benefits Moving from Film to Computed Radiography with DÜRR NDT

Qualitech AG is the largest independent accredited material testing center in Switzerland with over 130 employees in several locations throughout the country. Qualitech first began computed radiography in 2012 with a DÜRR NDT HD-CR 35 NDT imaging plate scanner and since then have processed several thousand images with the system. Currently four HD-CR 35 NDT units are in use by the company primarily for the inspection of weld quality of tubing

Enabling Safe and Efficient On-Stream Pipeline Inspection with Computed Radiogra …

Mozzat Enterprise Sdn Bhd (MESB), located in Brunei with around 200 employees, provides a wide range of NDT on-stream inspection services to the local oil and gas industry, primarily to Brunei Shell Petroleum, as well as to other companies in the surrounding region. MESB has various certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and was the first local company in Brunei to achieve ISO/IEC 17020 certification from ANSI-ASQ

Integrity Testlabs speeds up inspection process using Computed Radiography

Integrity Testlabs LLC provides NDT services using a wide variety of non-destructive inspection methods and disciplines. As their company commitment statement says, “This company is driven by hard work with commitment to quality while performing the task safely. This company recognizes the fact that customers demand integrity services with emphasis on reliability.” Brian Duke, Regional Manager, adds: “We at Integrity Testlabs, LLC take great pride in our work to ensure

Introduction of 5-year guarantee for all DÜRR NDT computed radiography scanners

Those who rely on quality are rewarded: From today, all computed radiography scanners from DÜRR NDT are delivered with a 5-year guarantee – a rarity in the NDT industry. DÜRR NDT Managing Director, Oliver Ruzek on the new 5-year guarantee: "Our CR scanners have proven their worth every day in non-destructive testing around the world and are characterized by a very low failure rate. The introduction of a 5-year guarantee is

Conversion from Film to Computed Radiography at Idaho National Laboratory

Idaho National Laboratory (INL) performs neutron radiography of highly-radioactive objects including used nuclear fuel. INL’s Neutron Radiography Reactor (NRAD) is a 250kW TRIGA reactor located beneath one of the world’s largest hot cells. Prior to installing the ScanX Discover HR computed radiography (CR) system, INL used the foil-film transfer method. Highly-radioactive specimens are positioned for inspection using an elevator. Cassettes containing dysprosium and indium foils are placed behind the specimens and

Ultra-high resolution for the radiographic examination!

DÜRR NDT is revolutionizing digital radiography with its newly-developed DR 7.2 NDT CMOS detector. With a pixel pitch of just 19µm, an incredible basic spatial resolution of 25µm can be achieved. This allows the user to perform ultra-high resolution radiographic examinations, with extremely low noise and brilliant images. This is a very attractive proposition for both aerospace and oil & gas applications. Because of its compact design of 8.5x50x32 mm

Brilliant results for industrial X-ray film processing – and now REACH complia …

Our well-tried NDT X-ray chemicals for industrial film processing have been further improved by DÜRR NDT and have obtained REACH compliance. All toxic and carcinogenic ingredients have been omitted from their formulas: the XR-F-6 NDT Fixer is now free of boric acid and the XR D-6 NDT Developer is free of hydroquinone and aldehyde, as before. This means there is now an alternative to traditional products that is environmentally

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