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Cooperation of the companies ProSign GmbH and DRAGO Automation

ProSign GmbH and DRAGO Automation combine their competences and develop a strong all-in-one product including the PACcubes Station and ultra-compact I/O modules. The PACcubes Station PCR-STA31-MC1 will be available in February 2017 and it will be compatible with the ultra-compact I/O Modbus RTU I/O modules from the company DRAGO Automation. That means, the compact, universal I/O modules will be joint with the graphically programmable head station of the PACcubes series. The

Have a look at the graphical programming software PACstudio

In the video tutorial “First steps and overview” ( you will get to know the graphical programming software PACstudio. With PACstudio you can program all I/O modules and stations of the PACcubes series. We are showing you how you can create a project, how to connect PACstudio with the PACcubes Station and how easy it is to program the LEDs. In the video you can also watch the application and

Closer cooperation between ProSign and SE-TEC

As part of the PACcubes project (, the companies ProSign GmbH and SE-TEC, both situated in Magdeburg, Germany, now work together more closely. The common project PACcubes series is a system solution for automation and monitoring. It is financed and sold by both companies. The development of the soft- and hardware of the PACcubes series is done by the company ProSign, which was founded in 1997. The graphical programming system PACstudio

PACcubes goes on the Internet of Things via MQTT

The latest trend to connect devices and machines to automate them and control them centrally is unstoppable. The possibilities for data and information exchange on the Internet of Things (IoT) are almost infinite. IoT has already been integrated in most industries like f. e. logistics, heat and power supply, medical engineering, agriculture etc. With the growing Industry 4.0 more ideal and more efficient ways to use resources is created. By

PACcubes – New System for Automation and Monitoring

PACcubes is a new all-round system for automation and monitoring, developed by the engineering company ProSign GmbH. The controller is programmed with the in-house graphical programming system PACstudio. To create a decentral control unit in terms of Industry 4.0, the Programmable Automation Controller PACcubes Station is implemented into PACcloud over an MQTT client. Besides the well-engineered hardware and the connectivity between the devices, special emphasis is placed on the graphical New Documentation Site for Programming Software test.con

The graphical programming software test.con now has its own documentation website. All Test Controllers of the company Gantner Instruments with the final designation …T, as f. e. Q.station 101DT or Q.gate IPT are programmed with this software. test.con is based on simple technical signs and symbols, which can be recognized easily by engineers and technicians. These signs and symbols are represented as function blocks. No programming language has to be

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