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Fzillion’s Denim Roots: Why shopping for Denim is not Tricky Anymore

Shopping online has not completely replaced the traditional “in-shop” experience as yet, part of the reason for that remains that a lot of things make little sense online. A classic example of such tricky purchases is denim. Buying jeans online is quite next to impossible without an EXACT measurement and fitting. Shopping for jeans can have a buyer at their wits end even when they are buying with surety, straight

Fzillion, a Launching Pad for Upcoming Designers & Brands

Fzillion; an initiator of fashion e-commerce, has shed excessive weight. From their previous website to the more specific and minimalistic style, the evolution of the e-retailer has gone their way. As an online presence, ever since their acquisition by Amazon, they have taken a leaf out of the e-retailer giant’s book and have focused on their customer experience and needs more. Part of this detailed change was the enhancement

How Online Promotions, Deals and Discounts Have Become a Better Way to Shop

Shopbop is the largest online fashion retailer of its kind. Shopbop has launched a promotional programme that has added spice to online shopping. By referring a friend to Shopbop and East Dane any customer or otherwise can win a gift card of $25 if that friend purchases any item and does not return it. This gift card will remain valid with 45 days of receiving a notification from the store.

Fzillion, Inc.: SALE Just Got Redefined!

What if someone told you all your favorite brands had been gathered up at a single online shopping store, that they weren't just offering jeans and shirts but dresses, bags, accessories, shoes and so much more? It would seem pretty awesome right? Now what if they told you all of this was happening along with an unbelievable sale on almost every item? It would be an absolute dream come true

Reviews Certify Fzillion's Fame || A World-Famous Online Shopping Store

Sure we all know Fzillion's a world-famous online shopping store and that it is famous for its extraordinary shopping experience, but, what if we let customer reviews decide the fate of its fame? Every day Fzillion gets over a million global hits and almost as many unique customers make purchases. While majority of the customers don't get back with reviews and personal comments, a lot of them still do. Digging

Designer Wear Under One Umbrella: Why Fzillion is the E-retailer Star

Fzillion has carved a name as a retailer that provides authentic designer-wear. While this does set the tone for what kind of price range the store might focus on, the average consumer has much to look forward to. Sales are happening year around and prices plummet to the ground, making it easy for everyone to afford genuine designer brands. Each designer wear item is available in all sizes and colors,

A Complete Shopping Destination for Weddings: Shopbop’s Wedding Boutique

Weddings are beautiful; they are also an incredible hassle. Weddings demand a lot of energy and tremendous patience but Shopbop does not. The online fashion retailer has managed to unify all weddings needs and shopping possibilities on a single platform. As a whole, shopbop’s venture decreases overall cost as well as enhance the shopping experience. Wedding shoppers are saved from an endless cycle of boutique and fitting trips. Shopping disasters

FZILLION’S HOT SELLERS: An Itinerary for Everyone

Fzillion is a one stop shopping destinations for women, men and children. The site introduces new stock every day, but there are certain products that are immensely popular amongst shoppers and Fzillion has a tab on its website called ‘The Hit List’ through which the old and new customers can identify the current and upcoming trends. It contains everything from formal gowns, to ripped jeans to delicate and exquisitely made

Fzillion Goes 'VIRAL' with itsLatest Additions

Both Quality and Quantity - How Fzillion has made it possible The world is known online retailer Fzillion is now showcasing the very best of the fashion world. Just recently the store has added the newest men and kids apparel to its extensive collection. Fzillion gives you a wide range of items, ranging from high prices to low prices, from winger collections to summer collections, from everyday casual wear to the

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