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Quality brake discs and pads with a high standard

High-quality range of brake products completely revised and respecified. Modern motor vehicles are subject to ever greater diversification in terms of their engines and chassis. This also has an impact on parts such as brake discs and brake pads, which are of particular relevance to a vehicle’s safety. The high demands in terms of material quality, handling and safety must meet the different requirements of not only the buyers but also

Wheel drive components for all repairs

OPTIMAL expands product range. At the beginning of the year, OPTIMAL is adding drive shafts, CV joints and bellow sets to its product range. The wheel drive components can be purchased individually or as a complete, ready to install kit. The high flexibility of the new product group is additionally emphasised by the use of different types of bellows. Depending on requirements, there can be chosen between rubber or plastic bellows

Improved driving comfort and very quiet running

Name and function: Flexible couplings are also known as Hardy discs, named after their inventor, John Leslie Hardy. They are used in vehicles with rear wheel or all-wheel drive and are connected to the longitudinal shaft via the integrated precision steel sleeves. The special construction of the OPTIMAL flexible couplings in the form of innovatively arranged cord packs, a special rubber compound and high-quality steel sleeves enables the compensation of not only

NEW: quadruple protection and maximum impermeability

OPTIMAL launches double-row ball bearings with improved 4 point seals Depending on the region, method of use and season, wheel bearings are exposed to particularly strong environmental influences. In particular, large quantities of dust, sand, salt, water and mud permeate the seals, shortening the lifespan of the wheel bearings. The solution is to use cassette seals with four sealing lips to boost the level of impermeability. Benefits: 4 point seal. Four innovatively arranged

Training programme OPTIMAL training academy 2017

OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG’s current training programme can be ordered from OPTIMAL as a brochure in both German and English and has been available to download from OPTIMAL’s website since January 2017. OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG offers practical training, sessions on technical principles, and seminars providing the latest product news and examples of products from our wheel bearing, chassis, brake, water pump, belt drive, engine control, and wheel

The Importance of Quality - OPTIMAL shock absorbers go through strict checks

Quality control is the utmost importance to OPTIMAL. All components are thoroughly examined in specially developed testing procedures before any parts are delivered to our worldwide partners. (OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG Langenbach) Being an internationally-oriented company with a network of subsidiaries and numerous trading partners, OPTIMAL supply shock absorbers to customers in over 90 countries. Manufacturers’ know how is integrated OPTIMAL has its own quality control

OPTIMAL supplies Bendix data to TecDoc

Data on Bendix wheel bearings, shock absorbers and steering and suspension parts has been supplied to TecDoc directly from OPTIMAL since April 1, 2016. (April 2016, Langenbach) Since April 2016, OPTIMAL AG & Co. KG has been supplying data to TecDoc on parts from the premium brand Bendix in the wheel bearings, shock absorbers and steering and suspension parts product groups. From now on, all new products in these lines

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