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Sardina Systems Announces Seamless Compatibility with New Gaudi2 Processors

Sardina Systems, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure solutions, unveils the successful testing and integration of its software with the groundbreaking Gaudi2 processors. The compatibility of FishOS with Gaudi2 processors offers a significant leap in performance and efficiency for AI and machine learning (ML) applications. The successful compatibility testing of FishOS with Gaudi2 processors opens up new possibilities for organizations looking to enhance the performance of deep learning workloads. FishOS,

Sardina Systems Announces Exclusive €1 Migration Offer for VMware Customers Fo …

The virtualization landscape has been fundamentally altered by Broadcom's recent acquisition of VMware, posing new challenges, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In response to the current market shift, Sardina Systems is proud to offer a special €1 migration to FishOS. This limited-time offer is designed to facilitate a smooth transition for businesses affected by the VMware acquisition. Throughout our history, Sardina Systems has consistently demonstrated a commitment to driving meaningful

Sardina Systems Introduces the Market's First Cost-Effective Cloud Solution to A …

Amidst the escalating costs of public cloud services and the trend of cloud exits in 2023, Sardina Systems, a prominent UK-based provider of open-source-powered cloud solutions, introduces its revolutionary Integrated Solution. Built on a foundation of reliable hardware and cutting-edge software, its goal is to transform the European cloud landscape and help EU-based businesses cut their cloud expenses by up to 40%. For years, public clouds remained a no-brainer for organizations

Sustainable circle of renewable energy

This time we will talk about one of the essential topics - Sustainable energy. Hyperproduction that we have nowadays require vast amounts of energy. Based on the theory of conservation of energy, energy can only be transformed from one form to another. Energy cannot be lost. Coal, oil, natural gas, as fossil fuels, are the primary energy sources. According to the Environmental and Energy Institute, fossil fuels supply about 80% of

FishOS by Sardina Systems Runs DKRZ Cloud

Sardina Systems is thrilled to announce its collaboration with DKRZ, the German Climate Computing Center. Our enterprise cloud management platform FishOS powers the OpenStack and Ceph-based cloud system to support climate research at DKRZ. As a national HPC center specifically for Earth system research, DKRZ provides high-performance computing platforms, sophisticated and high capacity data management, and superior service for premium climate science to researchers in Germany. Climate science is primarily basic

Sardina Systems Joins the SDIA Community

Sardina Systems, a leading European developer and vendor of cloud management enterprise software, has become an official member of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA). The partnership aims to unite forces in implementing digital economy principles and help enterprises build and manage their cloud infrastructure in an efficient and environment-friendly manner. The vital role in successfully operating a modern data center is played by software products that help not only monitor

Sardina Systems Partners with AMAX to Deliver Efficient Cloud Solution

Sardina Systems is pleased to announce a new partnership with AMAX to provide customers with a complete solution for a flexible, secure, and reliable private cloud environment. The partnership leverages AMAX’s server solutions and FishOS, Sardina Systems’ cloud management platform, to enable both companies to supply SMEs and large enterprises with an efficient, super-scalable, and energy-saving turnkey infrastructure. The joint IT infrastructure includes health monitoring, resource optimization, and disaster recovery systems

Sardina Systems secures €1.6M Series A funding, led by Deepbridge Capital

Financial support from Deepbridge Capital will speed up the development of innovative technologies in cloud computing and help the company expand to new markets. Sardina Systems, an award-winning, leading European cloud software company, FishOS developer and distributor, today, 10 August 2021, announced the successful completion of a Series A funding round led by Deepbridge Capital, a UK-based fund manager, via the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS fund. The company has secured €1.2M


Sardina Systems, a leading European developer and vendor of cloud management software, is pleased to announce the appointment today of John Higgins CBE as its non-executive Chairman. John Higgins was the Director-General of DigitalEurope, the tech industry association in Brussels whose members included major tech companies such as Dell, Google, HP, IBM and Microsoft. Today John is President of the BCS, the UK’s Chartered Institute for IT, the professional body for

Sardina Systems announces it has joined the Global Equinix Partner Program

London, UK, June 9, 2021 -- Sardina Systems, a leading OpenStack and Kubernetes platforms vendor addressing the full lifecycle of clouds with pre-integrated operations tools, today announced it had joined the Equinix Partner Program to expand its hosted private cloud solution to enterprises across the globe. By becoming a Global Partner of Equinix – the world’s digital infrastructure company – Sardina Systems provides customers with a global reach advantage,

A Scale-out Enterprise Kubernetes Software-Defined Storage Solution by Sardina S …

Sardina Systems, a leading OpenStack and Kubernetes platforms software vendor addressing the full lifecycle of clouds with pre-integrated operations tools, and Ambedded Technology, a software-defined storage company with expertise on Ceph storage and embedded arm platform, today announced they have partnered to deliver a highly efficient and modern Software Defined-Storage solution. Companies looking for an agile, automated SDS Kubernetes based solution to replace the static and inefficient hardware can now

Sardina Systems offers free cloud migration to FishOS OpenStack & Kubernetes to …

London, UK - January 25, 2021 - Sardina Systems has announced free cloud migration to FishOS OpenStack and Kubernetes to all enterprise customers facing vScaler personnel exodus and want to continue to benefit from the on-premise private cloud with zero downtime operations. With more businesses moving applications and data to the cloud, service disruption or downtime can be devastating. With its FishOS HCI cloud technology, Sardina Systems is ready to

Sardina Systems FishOS has now been certified to run on MiTAC’s OCP Inspired …

Sardina Systems is excited to announce that Sardina FishOS OpenStack solution has been certified to run on MiTAC's OCP Inspired™ Tioga Pass servers. The team at MiTAC worked closely with Sardina Systems to test and validate their OCP Inspired™ servers on FishOS. Combining MiTAC's OCP Inspired™ servers and Sardina FishOS software enables enterprises to create OpenStack and Kubernetes clouds which can be deployed, operated and upgraded easily, reliably and efficiently, while

Sardina Systems joins the launch of OpenInfrastructure Foundation as a founding …

London, UK, October 19, 2020 — Sardina Systems today announced it has joined the Open Infrastructure Foundation as a Founding Silver Member. Sardina Systems will continue contributing towards further solidifying OpenStack’s leading position as the platform of choice for infrastructure management, providing system management and service automation solutions, and help shape the future of cloud computing for enterprises. Sardina Systems’ team, with OpenStack experience stretching back to Bexar release in

Kubernetes-as-a-Service by Sardina Systems and Storpool

Businesses of all sizes are switching to containers as the new industry-standard of building applications and services. Kubernetes is the #1 platform allowing them to deploy, scale, and manage the growing number of containerized applications. Having a deep insight on Kubernetes, developing applications, choosing the right storage, and managing the whole infrastructure stack is quite overwhelming. Sardina Systems and StorPool solve the challenge of managing a Kubernetes environment by providing a

To support the Coronavirus red alert in Italy, Sardina Systems offers free deplo …

London, UK, March 12 -- Sardina Systems decides to respond to the Corona virus emergency in Italy and is providing free deployments of OpenStack private clouds, in the one month from this announcement. Italy is now restricting travel across the entire country, in a move by the government to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Businesses will be impacted, as the country experience economic slow down. During this time of uncertainty,

Stratoscale closes down, Sardina Systems offers free migration path to FishOS Op …

Sardina Systems has announced free migration path to FishOS OpenStack and Kubernetes to all Stratoscale enterprise customers that want to continue to benefit from the multi-cloud hybrid platform. The Israeli startup Stratoscale has released an official note that the company has closed down. The Stratoscale team has built something great, but as CEO Ariel Maislos’s acknowledgement, “We had an amazing team but we decided that the time had come to move

All SUSE OpenStack customers can receive free migration path to FishOS OpenStack …

Birmingham, UK, 17 October 2019 - Sardina Systems is announcing free migration path to FishOS OpenStack to all SUSE OpenStack customers that want to continue to benefit from the market-leading choice open-source software for private clouds. SUSE, formerly a Platinum member and a board member in the OpenStack Foundation, has announced last week that the company is leaving the OpenStack Cloud table, even though as Mark Collier, OpenStack COO said, the

When everything should be bigger, better and faster for the HPC users

OpenStack private cloud enables HPC facilities to rapidly and flexibly meet varying users demand. However, the boundary-stretching and stringent requirements of HPC present challenges in operating a private cloud, from complex system deployment to performing applications on existing hardware. In order to overcome these challenges, Sardina Systems together with the German trusted leader for HPC, MEGWARE, have decided to join their extended market expertise and offer a fully automated private cloud

Sardina Systems is now an approved supplier of the UK Government’s G-Cloud 11 …

Sardina Systems has been selected as a supplier on the G-Cloud 11 framework on the Digital Marketplace managed by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). G-Cloud 11 is the latest version of the framework agreement from the Crown Commercial Service which supports the UK government programme to change how IT is perceived and used throughout the Nation. The programme delivers cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software, and specialist cloud services. The G-Cloud

Sardina Systems OpenStack running in the uniCORE Slovakia open source to enable …

FishOS was recently deployed at the top Sardina Systems’ partner in the Slovakian market, uniCORE, to enable flexible multi-tenant self-provisioned and programmable OpenStack software development environments. Sardina Systems and uniCORE are strategic partners since 2018. The goal of their partnership is to help uniCORE, a company that operates as an experienced IT and software development company with a focus on serving the finance and insurance industry, to facilitate customers access to

A revolutionary Software-Defined Data Center solution? Datera + Sardina FishOS i …

Munich, Germany and London, UK --- Datera and Sardina Systems join forces in EMEA to deliver a flexible, automated Kubernetes infrastructure for containerized enterprise workload Today, Datera, a 100% software-based data storage company announced a new partnership with Sardina Systems, developer of OpenStack + Kubernetes cloud platform for Zero-Downtime Operations, to offer enterprise customers a revolutionary software-defined data center platform for an ultra-reliable enterprise cloud environment. This strategic partnership, combining Datera

Sardina Systems and University of Edinburgh are presenting at OpenStack Summit V …

London, UK -- Sardina Systems, a super-scalable cloud automation technology company, announced that they presenting at the OpenStack Summit Vancouver, 2018. More than this, this is the first time they are having a special guest co-speaking with Dr Kenneth Tan, CTO Sardina Systems at an OpenStack event. The special guest is Jan Winter from the Information Services Group of University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The presentation title is: “The road to

Is OpenStack difficult?

We recently presented at a number of important OpenStack Days events within Europe, and we have heard multiple times the message that OpenStack is difficult. Is this true? How difficult can be the fastest growing and most popular Open Source cloud platform? We have done a quick online research as well, and the result appears to be the same: fantastic cloud technology, but taught to deploy and manage. What is

Why is OpenStack making customers’ life easier in Financial Sector?

Private cloud environments today provide greater benefits and flexibilities to business users, enabling banking institutions, whether retail, corporate, institutional and investment banking, to rapidly respond to changing needs dictated by users, regulation, and market. The digital transformation is impacting all the industries, and the financial services industry is not an exception anymore. The need for innovative solutions, automated services and 24/7 support increased among customer’s experiences, and the financial service industry

Co-founder of Sardina Systems wins UK DATA ENTREPRENEUR award at Data 50 Awards …

Tallinn, Estonia, 25 May 2017 – Sardina Systems has been announced that co-founder Dr. Kenneth Tan was rewarded with the UK DATA ENTREPRENEUR title at Data 50 Awards 2017 in London, UK. The UK DATA 50 Awards event, organized by the Information Age, is the UK’s premier initiative for celebrating data leadership and excellence among the sector’s highest achievers. The main objective is to recognize the top individuals and companies

OpenStack deployed within 1 cup of coffee (or 1 Martini!)

Easy OpenStack cloud deployment for your private cloud environment Cloud adoption technology it is the latest trend growing in the IT market. More and more organizations are realizing that the virtualization process it is vital and it will make a huge difference for their businesses, as the cloud adoption can improve the resource efficiency, lower computing costs, and ensure highly availability and scalability of the businesses. OpenStack, is currently the leading open-source

Sardina Systems Becomes a Corporate Sponsor of OpenStack Foundation

Sardina Systems, the OpenStack data center automation software vendor for private clouds, announces it has become a corporate sponsor and supporting organization of OpenStack Foundation. The overarching objective of the innovative Sardina FishOS is to automate operations of OpenStack-based clouds, optimizing the energy and improving the utilization, while delivering a significant zero-downtime upgrade feature for each new OpenStack version release. With FishOS’ unique zero-downtime capability, cloud operator can achieve high service

What you didn’t know about OpenStack Newton Performance and Scalability for En …

Sardina Systems announces support for fresh OpenStack Newton installation, while addressing zero-downtime upgrade Tallinn, Estonia, 23 January 2017 - Sardina Systems announces availability of support for the OpenStack Newton release, while promising significant zero-downtime upgrade feature for the new release. OpenStack Newton, the 14th release of the most widely deployed open source cloud software it is offering a greater scalability, resiliency and user experience to support a wider variety of workloads. Built

ClusterHQ customers can now get free transition to OpenStack platform powered by …

Route forward for ClusterHQ’s Flocker customers: free transition to OpenStack platform based on Sardina FishOS ESTONIA, Tallinn // January 12, 2017 – Sardina Systems has announced free transition process to OpenStack platform to all ClusterHQ customers. Following the unexpected announcement on 22 December 2016 that the container storage vendor ClusterHQ is shutting down their operations immediately, Sardina Systems has decided to offer continuity to ClusterHQ customers a free transition path to

Sardina FishOS + Alces Flight = Efficient OpenStack Cloud for Flexible HPC

Tallinn, Estonia, 01 November 2016 — Sardina Systems has announced today a strategic partnership with Alces Software, to enable efficiently managed OpenStack private cloud for high performance and technical computing customers. The fusion of Sardina FishOS and Alces Flight gives customers the possibility to take their data center to the next level, easily embrace a highly efficient and flexible cloud operation, by raising server utilization and reducing energy consumption. Customers will

FishOS + Red Hat OpenStack Platform 9 = Efficient OpenStack Cloud

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 9, delivering higher efficiency and flexibility, with FishOS support Barcelona, Spain and Tallinn, Estonia, 25 October 2016 -- Sardina Systems has announced FishOS support for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 9, marking a major step forward for OpenStack data center operators towards improving data center efficiency. Sardina Systems and Red Hat have partnered to give enterprise cloud operators a flexible, scalable, sophisticated system to manage, automate and optimize entire

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