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04.10.17 - Sardina Systems

Is OpenStack difficult?

We recently presented at a number of important OpenStack Days events within Europe, and we have heard multiple times the message that OpenStack is difficult. Is this true? How difficult can be the f... mehr

02.08.17 - Sardina Systems

Why is OpenStack making customers’ life easier in Financial Sector?

Private cloud environments today provide greater benefits and flexibilities to business users, enabling banking institutions, whether retail, corporate, institutional and investment banking, to rapidl... mehr

29.05.17 - Sardina Systems

Co-founder of Sardina Systems wins UK DATA ENTREPRENEUR award at Data 50 Awards 2017

Tallinn, Estonia, 25 May 2017 – Sardina Systems has been announced that co-founder Dr. Kenneth Tan was rewarded with the UK DATA ENTREPRENEUR title at Data 50 Awards 2017 in London, UK. The UK D... mehr

22.02.17 - Sardina Systems

OpenStack deployed within 1 cup of coffee (or 1 Martini!)

Easy OpenStack cloud deployment for your private cloud environment Cloud adoption technology it is the latest trend growing in the IT market. More and more organizations are realizing that the virtua... mehr

06.02.17 - Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems Becomes a Corporate Sponsor of OpenStack Foundation

Sardina Systems, the OpenStack data center automation software vendor for private clouds, announces it has become a corporate sponsor and supporting organization of OpenStack Foundation. The overarch... mehr

23.01.17 - Sardina Systems

What you didn’t know about OpenStack Newton Performance and Scalability for Enterprise and Service Provider Clouds

Sardina Systems announces support for fresh OpenStack Newton installation, while addressing zero-downtime upgrade Tallinn, Estonia, 23 January 2017 - Sardina Systems announces availability of support... mehr

11.01.17 - Sardina Systems

ClusterHQ customers can now get free transition to OpenStack platform powered by Sardina FishOS

Route forward for ClusterHQ’s Flocker customers: free transition to OpenStack platform based on Sardina FishOS ESTONIA, Tallinn // January 12, 2017 – Sardina Systems has announced free transition... mehr

01.11.16 - Sardina Systems

Sardina FishOS + Alces Flight = Efficient OpenStack Cloud for Flexible HPC

Tallinn, Estonia, 01 November 2016 — Sardina Systems has announced today a strategic partnership with Alces Software, to enable efficiently managed OpenStack private cloud for high performance and t... mehr

25.10.16 - Sardina Systems

FishOS + Red Hat OpenStack Platform 9 = Efficient OpenStack Cloud

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 9, delivering higher efficiency and flexibility, with FishOS support Barcelona, Spain and Tallinn, Estonia, 25 October 2016 -- Sardina Systems has announced FishOS support ... mehr

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