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Quickly Repair Company PCs with the Easy to Use Active@ Boot Disk Utility

December 2, 2021: The latest version of Active@ Boot Disk has enhanced features that allow IT departments and support staff way more capabilities in managing company and institution PCs. The easy-to-use Windows Wizard interface gives even the newest member of your team full access to many tools that cut down on the time and resources needed to repair boot-up sequences, password errors, backup problems, and so much more. Think of Active@

LSoft Technologies launches NTFS Recovery Toolkit 14

November 3, 2020: LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the release of a new edition of its leading data recovery software. NTFS Recovery Toolkit 14 now includes the latest versions of two of its main components: Active@ File Recovery 21 and Active@ Partition Recovery 21. Active@ File Recovery 21 NTFS Recovery Toolkit includes the latest edition of Active@ File Recovery, a user-friendly tool for recovering deleted files, such as those that have

LSoft Technologies releases KillDisk Desktop v2.1

February 23, 2020: LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the release of KillDisk Desktop v2.1, the enterprise-grade disk sanitization solution for businesses. The latest build is available with custom hardware solutions for desktop and 3U and 4U form factors. It includes between five and 25 hot-swappable drive slots, making disk sanitization at scale faster and easier than ever before. The tray-free hot swaps also support standard 3.5" and 2.5" hard

LSoft Technologies launches Active@ File Recovery version 20

April 22, 2020: LSoft Technologies, an industry leader in world-class data recovery software and computer forensics, is proud to announce the launch of Version 20 of its popular Active@ File Recovery software. New in this edition is support for Apple's ApFS file system and improved support for Microsoft's ReFS. Many new file signatures have been added as well, such as AQ, ODT, OGG, ODP, ODPS, ODF, ODB, DOCX, XLSX and

LSoft Technologies launches Active@ UNFORMAT 9

September 25, 2019 -- LSoft Technologies launches the latest version of Active@ UNFORMAT 9, the popular data recovery solution. The new edition provides several improvements to boost the chances of a successful operation and simplify the data recovery process. Included in this update is an overhauled recovery kernel with many tweaks and bug fixes to improve performance. NTFS recovery processes have also seen improvements with added support for volumes located

LSoft Technologies releases Active@ UNDELETE 16

October 17, 2019 -- LSoft Technologies, one of the leading developers of data recovery and disk imaging software, is proud to announce the launch of the new 16 version of its popular undelete software, Active@ UNDELETE. This new release brings many important improvements, tweaks and bug fixes. The biggest news in Active@ UNDELETE v.16 is the latest Recovery Kernel, which includes various improvements & bug fixes to boost your chances

LSoft Technologies Presents Active@ Boot Disk Version 14

November 14, 2018 - LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Active@ Boot Disk 14. The popular suite of disk utilities has been updated to include the most recent editions of Active@ Disk Image, File Recovery, KillDisk and Partition Recovery. Other improvements include an overhauled Bootable Disk Creator, the addition of a disk-defragmentation utility and an added option to skip USB disk formatting when creating a bootable drive. Who

LSoft Technologies Launches Active@ UNERASER 13

LSoft Technologies, an industry leader in data-recovery software, has just launched the latest edition of Active@ UNERASER. Version 13.0.0 comes with many welcome improvements, including support for new file signatures and the latest versions of Active@ Boot Disk, Boot Disk Creator and, for the Ultimate package, Active@ Live CD. If you've ever emptied the recycle bin or formatted a hard drive partition only to find out afterwards that important files were

LSoft Technologies Launches UNFORMAT 7.0.0

LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the release of the latest release of its industry-leading data recovery software. UNFORMAT 7 sports various important improvements to help you increase your chances of a successful data recovery operation more than ever before. A comprehensive solution, it helps you get back what you have lost after accidentally deleting or formatting a hard drive partition or emptying the recycle bin. Thanks to the power

Get Back Access to Windows with Active@ Password Changer

LSoft Technologies is proud to present the latest edition of its popular password-recovery software for Windows. Active@ Password Changer 9.0.1 sports many tweaks and improvements, including increased stability and functionality when working with damaged disks. There is also an improved boot disk creator, and the recovery kernel has been updated to the latest version along with new versions of related software Boot Disk and LiveCD. If you've ever lost an important

LSoft Launches Version 17 of Active@ File Recovery

January 30, 2018 - LSoft is proud to announce the latest edition of Active@ File Recovery, one of the world's leading data-recovery solutions. Build 17 of the popular software introduces many improvements ranging from minor tweaks to improved functions such as better signatures for different file types. It makes it easier and quicker than ever to get back what you've lost, whether due to an accident, failing hardware or even

Retrieve Your Lost Data with Active@ UNDELETE 14

January 2018: LSoft, an industry leader in data recovery and forensics, is proud to present the latest edition of its powerful data-recovery software, Active@ UNDELETE. Version 14 sports many improvements to offer excellent ease of use and the best chances yet of getting your data back intact. It works with virtually any kind of writable storage media, and the latest version adds improved support for Linux and Unix file systems

LSoft Launches Active@ LiveCD 5, the Ultimate Disk Utility Suite

LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the launch of Active@ LiveCD 5, the latest edition of its popular toolset for data backup, recovery, security and maintenance. The new version was released on December 20 for both Windows and Linux and includes many refinements, bug fixes, new features and updated versions of many of the core programs. These include Active@ KillDisk 11, UNDELETE 12, Partition Recovery 16, Password Changer 8 and

Monitor Data Integrity with Active@ Hard Disk Monitor

LSoft Technologies, one of the world's leading suppliers of disk and data utilities, presents Active@ Hard Disk Monitor: a complete solution for monitoring the health of your digital storage devices. This software provides full monitoring and control over your data by providing ongoing insights into its integrity and the status of your storage devices. In other words, if a drive looks like it might be about to fail, you'll know

Industrial Hard Disk Sanitation Made Easy

LSoft Technologies presents a cutting-edge solution for effortlessly destroying vast amounts of sensitive digital data while still making it possible to continue using the storage drives afterwards. By comparison, physical destruction or degaussing ensures that the hard drive will never be usable again. If you're planning to get rid of large numbers of old hard drives but don't want to destroy them, you're going to need a solution that can safely

Sanitize Old Hard Drives with Active@ KillDisk

Active@ KillDisk presents the ultimate solution for digitally sanitizing old hard drives and other writable storage devices so that the original data can never be recovered using third-party solutions. Most people incorrectly assume that emptying the Recycle Bin gets rid of deleted files for good, but that doesn't make any difference to the data. Deleting files in the conventional way simply frees up space on your hard drive, allowing other

Access Your Data and Repair Your Computer with Active@ Boot Disk

LSoft Technologies presents version 11 of its leading suite of disk utilities. Active@ Boot Disk provides the full range of tools you need to troubleshoot a computer that won't boot, recover deleted data, securely erase devices and perform a wide range of other useful tasks. Thanks to its fully self-contained boot environment, it functions as an independent operating system running from an external drive or optical disk. As such, it

Securely Erase Any Optical Disc with Active@ DVD Eraser

LSoft Technologies Inc. has just launched the second version of Active@ DVD Eraser, a simple-to-use program that allows you to securely erase data stored on optical discs. Extending upon the limited functionality natively supported by Windows, the program allows you to securely erase data from optical discs so that it can never be recovered. You can choose from two modes when erasing your discs. The Quick Erase mode simple changes

Active@ UNDELETE Presents a Powerful Data Recovery Solution

LSoft Technologies, one of the world's leading specialists in data recovery and security, has just launched version 12 of its popular Active@ UNDELETE software. A complete solution for recovering deleted data from formatted drives or emptied recycle bins, the program provides a user-friendly and wizard-driven solution to help you get back what you've lost. The software uses tried and tested methods, combined with years of development and refinement, to provide

Make Secure Data Deletion Easy with Active@ KillDisk

LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the launch of version 10.2 of its popular data erasure software Active@ KillDisk. The new version of the industry-leading data deletion solution provides support for new file systems, including Linux/Unix XFS and JFS. It also provides numerous minor bug fixes and usability improvements making it easier than ever for both professionals and amateurs alike to use. Other new features include added support for the

Author, Edit and Burn ISO Files with Active@ ISO Manager

LSoft Technologies, one of the world's leading developers of disc utilities, has just launched a new edition of its popular ISO manager, Active@ ISO Manager. The program presents a straightforward solution for anyone seeking to greatly extend upon the limited functionality of Windows' native support for the industry-standard ISO format. Active@ ISO Manager allows you to create, edit and burn ISO images to the ISO 9660 / Joliet standard. You can

Secure Data Erasure Made Easy

When it comes to data recovery and secure data erasure, LSoft Technologies presents some of the world's most popular solutions. If your goal is to securely erase data so that it may never be recovered by a third party, then Active@ KillDisk is the program you need. Whether you are selling or donating your computer or want to permanently get rid of data for any other reasons, this software will

Keep All Your Data Safe with Active@ Disk Image

Many people underestimate the great importance of keeping their files properly backed up, while others might make the mistake of forgetting about something important. After all, not everyone keeps all of their important files in the most obvious of places. As such, by far the most exhaustive way to back up your computer and ensure that nothing gets forgotten about is to use disk imaging software. LSoft Technologies, one of

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