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H2O GmbH presents new VACUDEST ZLD technology

Steinen. The globally increasing water shortage is more and more forcing companies to find an environmentally friendly and efficient solution for their production processes. Industrial companies from a wide range of sectors in over 50 countries already benefit from sustainable wastewater treatment with VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. The company H2O from Steinen in Baden has been pursuing the vision of wastewater-free production for over 20 years and has already set

New Head of Human Resources at H2O GmbH

Since January the H2O GmbH has a new Head of Human Resource Management: Bettina Böhringer takes over the leading tasks from authorized representative Esther Berger. "The company is growing steadily and so is the number of employees," says Berger. "In the last 5 years, the number of our specialists has increased from 95 to 126 employees. The personnel management has become too extensive to be able to fulfil them conscientiously

Change of leadership for H2O Kunshan

Starting in April 2019 H2O China has a new General Manager: Roland Lochner succeeds Uwe Hanschke who will return to the headquarter H2O GmbH I Germany and will head the applications department. By this he will be still involved in close contact into different projects not only in China, but all around the world. “It was an incredible exciting and interesting time for me in China” states Uwe Hanschke. “When I’m

Increase quality, reduce costs: H2O GmbH at the 29th Pulversymposium in Dresden

Dresden/Steinen. A focus on powder coating – that’s guaranteed at the Dresden Pulversymposium. This is the biggest industry event in Germany and takes place between 28th February and 1st March 2019 in the Maritim Hotel & International Congress Center in Dresden. Improving quality and lowering costs – one of the greatest challenges in the powder coating industry. H2O GmbH, a technology leader in the area of vacuum distillation systems, is confident:

No wastewater, no inspections by the authorities: H2O GmbH at Pollutec in Lyon

Crystal-clear water which can be reused in your production process: This is achieved by VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. They convert 100% wastewater into up to 98% reusable distillate. The decisive advantage for French industry: With these wastewater treatment systems, users will be free from inspections by the water authority. After all, no wastewater also means no environmental pollution. How this works exactly in different industrial production lines will be clarified by

China on the road to success: H2O Kunshan moves to larger premises

Kunshan/China. After almost three and a half years at the Ecofactory, H2O Kunshan is moving to a new, larger building at the end of October. "When we opened H2O Kunshan in 2015, we had 15 installations in China and we were three employees. Today, eleven of us service more than 60 systems. That's why our warehouse and office are becoming too small," explains Uwe Hanschke, Managing Director of H2O Kunshan. In addition,

Improved coatings thanks to improved rinse water quality: H2O GmbH at parts2clea …

Steinen/Stuttgart. Better rinse water means a better coating. That’s why over 700 surface engineering production departments rely on the tried-and-tested VACUDEST vacuum distillation system. This system treats used rinse water so effectively that it meets the highest environmental standards and is ideal for reuse in your parts cleaning process. It will be presented at the parts2clean trade fair in Hall 3, Stand E02. The leading international trade fair for industrial

Economically processing oily wastewater: H2O GmbH at the Oilexpo in Poland

Sosnowiec/Poland. Reusing oily wastewater in production? It’s possible: At the Oilexpo trade fair in Poland, H2O GmbH will demonstrate at stand B-583 how economical it is to process oily industrial wastewater with VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. They actually save users up to 1 million euros in 10 years. This fair will take place from 2 to 4 October in Sosnowiec. It doesn’t matter whether it’s oily rinsing water or used coolant

New partner of H2O GmbH: Ultraseal supports sales in India

Today, H2O GmbH from Germany is one of the world's most experienced experts in the sustainable treatment and recycling of industrial wastewater. With their efficient and reliable VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems, they realize zero liquid discharge production for customers in more than 50 countries around the world. These systems are successfully in operation in India as well. With the new partnership between H2O GmbH and Ultraseal, Indian companies are now

H2O GmbH at the Surface Technology: Efficient Wastewater Treatment with VACUDEST

Stuttgart/Steinen. The better the pre-treatment, the better the coating result. The leaders of zero liquid discharge at the Surface Technology (hall 1, booth D27 (51)) will explain how vacuum distillation systems with patented technologies from H2O GmbH help to improve the coating quality while also increasing cost-effectiveness. This international trade fair for surface treatments & coatings takes place from 5 to 7 June 2018 in Stuttgart. Evaporator technology is

H2O GmbH presents the answer to higher coating requirements at PaintExpo

Karlsruhe/Steinen, Germany. Customers are placing higher and higher demands on consistent cleanliness and low costs for part cleaning – processes need to be ever cleaner, better and more cost-efficient. To respond to these demands, H2O GmbH, which is based in Steinen, Germany, has developed efficient solutions that simultaneously improve rinsing water quality and reduce costs. H2O GmbH will demonstrate how it works at PaintExpo in Hall 1, booth 1611. PaintExpo,

New Service Manager at H2O GmbH

Steinen, Germany. On 1st May 2017, Jörg Kernbach took on the position of Service Manager at H2O GmbH in Steinen, Germany. A mechanical engineering technician by trade, Kernbach has been with the company since 2010, during which time he has gathered a wealth of experience in every technical service area, starting as a Technical Customer Advisor and eventually landing in Assembly Planning. As Service Manager, Kernbach is now in charge

Zero Liquid Discharge production saves money and protects the environment: H2O G …

Steinen/Hanover, Germany. Sustainability is the hot topic of our time. In a world of dwindling natural fresh water resources, taking environmental responsibility is absolutely essential. This is why H2O GmbH kis following a vision to achieve a ‘wastewater-free future in all industries’. The VACUDEST vacuum distillation system is a sustainable industrial wastewater treatment method that allows industrial production operations to protect the environment and save money. The leaders in zero

H2O GmbH at Hannover Messe. Improve coating results using patented technologies.

Quality standards relating to surface technology processes are becoming increasingly demanding. The leaders in zero liquid discharge from H2O GmbH will attend the world’s biggest industrial trade fair - Hannover Messe from 24–28 April 2017. They explain how users can improve the quality of their processes and save costs. The company will be on hand in the Welt der Oberfläche area (‘World of surfaces’) at Booth B40 (19) in Hall

New Head of Sales at H2O GmbH from 1 September 2016

Steinen/Germany. A new job for a familiar face: H2O GmbH, based in Steinen in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, will have a new Head of Sales from 1 September. Jochen Freund has worked at H2O GmbH as Head of Product and Business Development for nine years and has been working as Head of Sales Force for three years. He will now become Head of Sales and Marketing. He has a diploma

Learn about clean production with VACUDEST: H2O GmbH at GreenExpo in Mexico

Steinen, Germany/Mexico City, Mexico. “For us, sustainability also means cost-effectiveness,” says Matthias Fickenscher, Managing Partner at H2O GmbH. The company develops environmentally friendly technologies for processing industrial wastewater left over from production processes. H2O GmbH will present the innovative VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems to interested specialists attending GreenExpo, the three-day leading environmental trade fair, held on 26 October at the World Trade Center in Mexico City. The leaders in zero

Achieve high quality component cleaning by efficiently processing used rinsing w …

More and more surface technology companies are challenging themselves to make their processes both cost-effective and high in quality. Proper, efficient rinsing water processing allows them to do just that. H2O GmbH will explain exactly how this works at the Oberflächentagen (‘Surface Days’) held by the Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik (ZVO; Central Association of Surface Technology) at the Congress Centre in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, from 21 to 23 September 2016. H2O’s VACUDEST vacuum distillation

A new update for Vacutouch makes the machine control software more intuitive to …

Fresher, more up-to-date and intuitive: That’s what the Vacutouch will be like after the update. This new software update will be released for Vacutouch machine control software in 2016 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. The update will come onto this market within the year, most likely in the autumn. This update will be free for customers with a maintenance contract and can be installed as

New Service Manager at H2O GmbH

Steinen, Germany. Sascha Senger, the new Service Manager at H2O GmbH, has two main goals: achieving total customer and employee satisfaction. Senger has been in charge of optimising processes and handling maintenance, warranties, customs and exports since May 2016. “Service is a large department with many different interfaces,” says Senger of his responsibilities at H2O. He goes on to explain: “We want to coordinate service so that we can quickly

H2O GmbH opens new office in China

“China is our most important export market,” says Matthias Fickenscher, Managing Partner at H2O GmbH. “It was time for us to open a local office for our Chinese customers,” he adds. The third H2O GmbH branch in Kunshan (Shanghai), China, opened at the end of 2015. It follows the Poland and Sweden branches. Uwe Hanschke is General Manager at the Kunshan branch and he supports Chinese customers alongside his administration,

Zero Liquid Discharge production saves money and protects the environment: H2O G …

Steinen/Munich, Germany. Sustainability is the hot topic of our time. In a world of dwindling natural resources, taking environmental responsibility is absolutely essential. This is why H2O GmbH from Steinen, Germany, is following a vision to achieve a ‘wastewater-free future in all industries’. The VACUDEST vacuum distillation system is a sustainable industrial wastewater treatment method that allows industrial production operations to protect the environment and save money. The leaders in

H2O Kunshan and sustainable wastewater treatment at the IE Expo in Shanghai

Shanghai, China. New laws and requirements have increased the focus on sustainability. The IE Expo, China’s largest environmental technology trade fair, reflects the latest trend and will take place from 5–7 May 2016 in Shanghai. The experts in wastewater-free production from H2O Kunshan will be on hand at the shared ‘Germany’ booth – number 4529 in Hall N4. They will showcase efficient solutions for sustainable industrial wastewater treatment. “We want

Save space, time and money in die-casting industry: VACUDEST at Euroguss

Find out how die-casters save space, time and money with the right treatment of used release emulsions at the Euroguss International Trade Fair for Die-Casting in Nuremberg from 12 to 14 January. The leaders in wastewater-free production, H2O GmbH, will be presenting their VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems at Stand 339 in Hall 6. These systems reduce disposal costs by up to 95 per cent, paying for themselves in under two

The highest quality rinsing water through efficient processing: H2O GmbH at the …

Karlsruhe. H2O GmbH will explain how manufacturers can reduce costs through optimal rinsing water quality and improve surface results at the sixth symposium on surface technology purification and pre-treatment in Karlsruhe. The conference is being organised by Ostbayerisches Technologie-Transfer-Institut e.V. (OTTI) on the 17th and 18th of November at Hotel Achat Plaza in Karlsruhe. Innovative products often feature outstanding functional coatings, the optimal adhesion of which greatly depends on the purification

Processing oily wastewater efficiently: H2O GmbH at Midest

Paris/Steinen. By using the right processing methods for oily wastewater, users save money. The leaders in zero liquid discharge production at H2O GmbH will be on hand at Booth L 082 at Midest to explain how. Midest, the leading trade fair for the supply industry, will be held in Paris from 17th to 20th November. Primarily for the metal processing and finishing industries, Midest offers integrated solutions for more efficient

Wastewater-free production – H2O Kunshan at the Beijing Water Expo

New statutory requirements have made the protection of resources a priority for Chinese industry. At the Water Expo in Beijing, experts from H2O Kunshan will explain how industrial production can protect water resources and avoid creating industrial wastewater. China’s biggest international water technology expo is set to take place from 18 to 20 November in the New China Exhibition Center, Beijing. “Users of our wastewater treatment systems can make a sustainable

Clean, thorough, efficient: 15 years of self-cleaning Activepowerclean heat exch …

The year 2000 is not only a special year because of the new millennium: the best Olympic Games ever were held in Sydney, with the most athletes, the most types of sports, the most participating countries. The Harry Potter books won the hearts of readers around the world in the international book market and there was also good news in the industrial sector: the self-cleaning Activepowerclean heat exchanger came on

Combining sustainability and economic viability - H2O GmbH at World Efficiency

Taking a more responsible approach to the world’s resources is becoming increasingly important in industry today. Many new technologies make a significant contribution to this progress. Effective processing of industrial wastewater is among these innovations thanks to VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. These systems protect the environment and valuable fresh water resources as well as enabling cost-saving opportunities. H2O GmbH’s experts will explain just how to combine sustainability and economic viability

Rely on a high level of operational safety: H2O at ZVO Surface Days in Berlin

Safely comply with limit values, reliably separate heavy metals, oils and fats and simultaneously reduce costs. How? By efficiently processing process water with VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems. The leaders in zero liquid discharge production at H2O GmbH will be on hand at Booth 64 at ZVO Surface Days to explain the benefits of efficient wastewater processing for surface engineering and electroplating operations. The company is set to present the new

H2O GmbH is a new partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative

Steinen, Germany. Sustainability is the hot topic of our time. In a world of dwindling natural resources, taking environmental responsibility is absolutely essential. That’s why the German Engineering Association (VDMA) launched the Blue Competence sustainability initiative. Since its launch in early 2011, around 400 partners from the European mechanical engineering industry have joined the network, and H2O GmbH from Steinen, Germany, is now among them. The company qualified as a

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