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"One Stop Partner" in Shaft-Coupling Technology: Acquisition of TSCHAN Complimen …

On July 1st, RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH took over TSCHAN GMBH, Neunkirchen. Founded in 1922 in Krefeld as a patent commercialization agency for friction springs, the company in the city of Groß-Umstadt with its RINGFEDER, GERWAH and ECOLOC trademarks has been one of the leading suppliers of high-quality components in the field of drive and damping technology as well as application technologies. RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION is synonymous with custom-made solutions

Strong Protection for Heavy-Duty Applications

Reliable overload protection and easy handling are the compelling features of RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION’s new GERWAH GWS heavy-duty couplings. In daily operation, high-performance heavy-duty gears have to continuously withstand huge loads. In case of a machine breakdown caused by overload, the owners are confronted with high costs due to expensive spare parts and costly downtimes. With the GWS series, RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION GMBH has introduced a new range of safety couplings

Flexible workhorses with multiple connection options

Whether in test stands, pumps or machining centres – more and more users are relying on torsion-proof multiple-disc couplings for the backlash-free and precise transmission of torques; and for compensating for axial, lateral and angular misalignments. Differing industries also have quite different requirements regarding the components used. In order to meet these diverse requirements, RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION offers a wide range of RING-flex multiple-disc couplings for use in diverse situations. When

Safe and backlash-free clamping in a matter of seconds

Smaller, faster and more powerful: the demands on components in advanced transmission systems are high. This particularly applies to shaft-hub connections in modern transmission technology, for example in applications with backlash-free synchronous transmissions powered by compact servo- or multiphase motors, where positioning is critical. Conventional joints with keyways, grub screws and simple bushing do not guarantee zero backlash in such precision applications. For these situations RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION, with its RfN

Torque transmission in challenging environments

By putting a new collection of stainless-steel locking assemblies and shrink discs on the market RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION adds five innovative products to its existing portfolio. Their high corrosion resistance makes the new arrivals the perfect choice to be used in humid and aggressive environments such as in the food and the pharmaceutical industry, in pump engineering or in laboratories. As early as during the construction phase, RINGFEDER set great

Top suspension qualities and diversified connection options

In its GERWAH product range, RINGFEDER POWER TRANSMISSION offers an ample portfolio of pluggable elastomere couplings for practically any case of application When it comes to absorbing vibrations and shocks in drives and guaranteeing a precise and smooth power transmission, the elastomere couplings from the GERWAH portfolio are the first choice. They boast excellent running performance and compensate radial, axial, and angular misalignments. Depending on their dimensions, the couplings are

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