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Koyal Group Appoints James Spencer as Chief Australian Strategist

Koyal Group is pleased to announce the appointment of James Spencer as Chief Australian Strategist. He brings almost 20 years of experience to the company and will be an important part of reshaping the strategy in the country. Aug. 21, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Koyal Group is pleased to announce the appointment of James Spencer as Chief Strategist for Australia in line with its continuing plan to strengthen its equities

Research Firm Koyal Group Appoints New Chief Commodities Analyst

The recent shake up of the commodities market has caused C.E.O Edward Neilson at Tokyo based Koyal Group to hire a new Chief analyst in the commodities department. Jul. 11, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- According to C.E.O Mr. Edward Neilson at Koyal Group, the shakeup has caused the board of directors to reconsider their investment strategy in the commodities sector. C.E.O Mr. Neilson believes that the sector is no longer

Koyal Group Announces Creation of United States Federal Reserve Bank Policy Comm …

Due to the vast number of policy changes which heavily influence the markets across the globe, Koyal Group has created a committee to predict and review policy changes from the United States Federal Reserve Bank. Aug. 20, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- On Monday, August 19th 2013, Koyal Group announces that it will form a committee to review and forecast policy changes by the Federal Reserve Bank in order to

Koyal Group to Take Position in Apple

On Tuesday Apple broke its 200 day moving average, spurring comments from multiple high profiles investors, including Carl Ichan and Larry Ellison. The price is continually rising; Koyal Group will take a position. Aug. 15, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- For the first time this year, on Tuesday Apple broke its 200 day moving average, a gauge that analysts use to assess the overall trend of a stock over a longer

Koyal Group Reports Positive Data Across Europe Driving Stocks Higher

The Stoxx Europe finished at its highest level in three months yesterday on the back of positive GDP data in Germany and in the Euro Zone, as well as a boost in German investor confidence and housing prices in the UK. Aug. 14, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- The Pan-European Stoxx Europe 600 index rose for a fourth straight day to finish up 0.6% to 307.79, its highest level since the

Tokyo Based Koyal Group Going Green

Sustainability, green tech, and becoming carbon neutral are extremely important goals for Koyal Group according to Chief Executive Officer, Edward Neilson. Jul. 12, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- "We are very pleased to announce that by the end of 2019, we plan to be completely carbon neutral," said Chief Executive Officer, Edward Neilson, "The first step in our course of action is to become one hundred percent paperless; we are eliminating

Koyal Group Expands Its European Capital Goods Research

Equity Researcher Koyal Group announces the appointment of Hans Meyer to lead its Capital Goods Research for Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. This move shows Koyal Group’s commitment to expanding research capabilities around the world. Aug. 13, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Koyal Group is pleased to announce the hiring of Analyst Hans Meyer to head their European Capital Goods Research department based out of the Tokyo office. Mr Meyer

Koyal Group Achieves $500 Million Assets under Management in Japanese UCITS Fund

Koyal Group´s Tokyo Based asset division has achieved a milestone of $500 million in assets under management. Foreign investment has increased due to unprecedented economic reforms in Japan. The fund has outperformed the Nikkei by 4% annually. Aug. 09, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Koyal Group´s asset management division in Tokyo on Thursday announced that due to solid cash flow into its Japanese Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities Fund

Koyal Group Forecasts British Economic Recovery to Hasten

Tokyo Based Koyal Group is forecasting strong growth in the British economy due to international factors. Jul. 16, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Koyal Group, Mr. Peter Keller, expects the British Economy will grow by 1.2% this year and increase to 2.3% next year, eventually plateauing at 2.6 percent. "The recovery has a much stronger and extensive base than it did in 2011,

Koyal Group CEO Edward Neilson to Attend 4th Asia-Pacific Business Research Conf …

CEO Edward Neilson of Tokyo based equity researcher firm, Koyal Group will attend the Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference on September 30th in Singapore. An Analyst at Koyal Group has submitted a case study of Chinese banks in crisis. Aug. 07, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- At the end of September CEO Edward Neilson of Koyal Group and a number of other senior members of staff will attend the Asia-Pacific Business Research

Koyal Group Finds Diamond in the Rough

Analysts at Koyal Group claim Steel Partners Holdings L.P is a diverse small cap hedge fund that needs to receive serious consideration from investors. Jul. 17, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Analyst and Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions, Mr. Peter Keller, at Tokyo based equity research firm believes Steel Partners Holdings L.P (NYSE: SPLP) to be undervalued by nearly 40%. Steel Partners Holdings L.P is an international holding company

European Markets Hit By Positive Data from the Federal Reserve

The cross regional index remained stagnant for another trading session, reacting negatively to American GDP data. The FTSE continues to climb for a third day in a row, pushed up by resources firms. Aug. 01, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- The Stoxx Europe 600 spent another day hovering around 299, swinging between slightly above and below amid mixed reports. Unemployment in the European Union fell for the first time in

US Consumer Confidence Declines, Driving Oil Prices Down With It

The Markets have not seen great movement over the past 24 hours as they wait for information from the Fed. The consumer confidence index has slipped bring oil prices further down but home and auto sales are reaching highs not seen in years. Jul. 31, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- The American markets have all posted minimal gains, as Analysts at Koyal Group expected, based on the assumption that

Koyal Group Predicts Turn Around in Woman´s Clothing Retailer

Coldwater Creek is a retail store that has seen some difficulties in the past few years. But with a new CEO, The Company is mounting a comeback. Jul. 18, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Mr. Nathan Andrews, Head of Investment Analysis, at Tokyo based equity researcher Koyal Group believes that Coldwater Creek (CWTR:US) will see strong growth in the last half of 2013. Coldwater Creek has suffered some setbacks in recent

Koyal Group Targets Largest Real Estate IPO in Recent Years

Tokyo based equity researcher Koyal Group expects the IPO of Brixmor Property Group to be a sound Investment for its clients. Jul. 22, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- On Thursday the 18th of July Blackstone Group LP filed with the Security and Exchange commission the initial public offering of one of its subsidiaries Brixmor Property Group, a real estate investment trust. They have announced that they are planning to raise $100

Koyal Group Market Watch: Asia 29-07-13

Koyal Group reports that markets were down slightly on Monday across Asia. Japanese stocks are down as the Yen rises and in Shanghai stocks were hurt by weakening industrial profits. Jul. 30, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Japan´s Nikkei stock average fell more than 3% today is finishing at its lowest level since June 27th, while the Shanghai Composite also dipped 1.7%. Both indices have fallen for three consecutive sessions. We

Koyal Group Creates AIM Index Fund

Tokyo Based Equity Researcher Koyal Group will create a diversified AIM fund in order to create a safe long term investment for clients, taking advantages of numerous tax benefits. Jul. 26, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Koyal Group believes that there is huge profit potential in the FTSE´s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and will create an actively managed fund to invest into the market. The AIM is comprised of startup companies

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