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Water as Information Carrier: bio-energetic Water Stone improves the Quality of …

Cham, 21.01.2014, Water which has been informed by the bio-energetic water stone is vitalized by the bio-energetic effect and tastes fresh and soft as if originating from a mountain well. The water is "revitalized" and is thus very different from regular tap water. When drinking coffee or tea for which energized water has been used, a completely new and positive taste experience is generated. Even plants clearly flourish

Become a Distribution Partner - do more for the Protection of the Enviroment wit …

Cham, 24.06.2013, As a distribution partner you have the option to really do more for the protection of our environment! Those ready to convince other people to save energy, reduce toxic emissions and also cut costs can do so by offering an innovative product, namely the BE-Fuelsaver®. A metal pen, only a few inches long with great potential. To save

BE-Fuelsaver® nominated for German Environmental Prize - less Toxic Exhaust & r …

Cham, 06.05.2013, The BE-Fuelsaver® has been nominated for the German environmental prize in 2013. This shows that the success story and dynamic development of the BE-Fuelsaver® continue. "We feel honoured and proud that the BE-Fuelsaver® and New Generation have obtained the nomination for the German environmental prize" says Gregor von Drabich-Waechter, founder and head of Ambition AG. The German environmental prize Bridging Technology reduces Fuel Consumption!

Cham, 23/12/2013, The BE-Fuelsaver® reduces fuel consumption by 6% to 20% and thus helps cut cost. Be it a transportation company, a bus company or a food & beverage deliverer: not only small or medium-sized companies with a fleet are looking for ways to save fuel and money based on the fact that fuel costs are rising. Numerous customers have seen the ELVIS Inc. - Germany's largest truck network - is Ambition Inc …

Cham, 22.02.2013 The Swiss-based company Amibition Inc. has made a successful deal with ELVIS Inc., Germany's largest truck and lorry transport network made of 13 shareholders. The two new companies are now co-operative partners and have just begun a long time collaborative project. ELVIS, standing for Europäischer Ladungs-Verbund Internationaler Spediteure (European Cargo Network of International Forwarding Agents), stands for innovation, security and reliability on the streets of Europe. In front Save Fuel and Cut Costs

Cham, 02/26/2013. To save fuel and cut costs is easier said than done considering the high fuel prices. However, by use of the BE-Fuelsaver® allowing simple installation it is possible to save from 6 % to over 20 % of fuel. The approx. 2 inch long metal pens of stainless steel and tested by TUEV serve as information carriers which modify the molecular structure of the fuel. They work for Garages wanted to become installation partner of Ambition AG

Cham, 23.02.2013, We are looking for garages in UK, Switzerland, Germany and Austria to become installation partners of Ambition AG and ensure a professional installation of the BE-Fuelsaver®. In the words of the founder and administrator of the company, Gregor von Drabich-Waechter, "The numerous testimonials and studies, over 50,000 BE-Fuelsavers® sold thus far and the continually rising demand for the product mean that an expansion of our partnerships is necessary." For Free energy used successfully

Cham, 26.02.2013, With the BE-Fuelsaver® we're already seeing 'free energy' being used successfully. It's a type of bridge technology that saves fuel and reduces the amount of toxic emissions. The technology was discovered by a team in Austria and has already been sold under the name of the BE-Fuelsaver® more than 50,000 times. The hydro-pump, discovered by Nikola Tesla, and the already widely used solar and wind energy are just

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