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Press Releases from EVG Martens GmbH & Co. KG (7 total)

AMP Superseal Connectors - Extreme quality for extreme applications

The AMP Superseal Connectors have multiple applications in agricultural machinery and plants. The application in this kind of environment demands extremely high stability and waterproofing of the connector. Due to external factors such as dirt and humidity continuous protection from connector housing all the way to the wire needs to be 100% guaranteed. With a multi cavity mold pins and sockets are moulded cost-efficiently for any numbers of poles. This

UL Listing for Cable Harnesses

Effective immediatly EVG produces cable harnesses according to UL standard ZPFW2 / ZPFW8 - wiring harnesses. EVG is listed by the Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL) in the manufacturer database, with the file number E468240, as a qualified manufacturer. The Underwriter Laboratories Inc. is an independent test and certification organization in the United States, which has created strict requirements for the products on the American market. With this qualification, it

EVG is the new distributor for signal units of the company PATLITE

On machines or manufacturing lines, signal units are important optical and audible helpers, that show the operating state or give reference to emergency situations. Now EVG has rounded off their product range of control units with the signal units from the company PATLITE. PATLITE was founded in 1947 and is a leading global provider of optical and audible signal units to increase safety and comfort in the workplace. The product

JST crimp terminals on a reel, as single contact and additionally as strips

EVG offers crimp terminals from the manufacturer JST not only on a reel and as single contacts, but also as strips with 100 contacts each. For quality reasons a crimp style connector is often chosen, because it ensures high electrical and mechanical safety. Following this decision, the question arises: How many crimp terminals are to be processed and what tools are needed? Are the cables already ready prepared or is it

Best Distributor of the year 2012

Fujikura Europe Ltd. has handed over EVG Martens GmbH & Co. KG the award "Best Distributor of the year 2012" for the sector DDK Connectors. Despite the difficult supply situation caused by floods in Thailand, the turnover could be further increased. This is also the result of the optimal stockage and the good technical consultancy from EVG. Both companies have been working together for over 20 years and see this

New AC axial fan - temperature-controlled

In many applications it is required to use a temperature-controlled axial fan. These fans rotate at low temperature with low speed, resulting in energy savings and less noise. If the temperature rises, there is also an increasing speed of the fan and thus lead to much more airflow. So far, only DC axial fans were available. From now on, a 230V AC axial fan in the dimensions 119x119x38mm can be

New catalogue “crimp style connectors“

Connectors with crimp connection technology ensure high electrical and mechanical safety. EVG's new catalogue "crimp style connectors" currently presents on their website pitches from 1.0 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 2.2 / 2.5 / 2.54 / 3.0 and 3.5 mm. Additions will be made regularly until a range of pitch 1.0 up to 11.0 mm is shown. At first this catalogue will be available as an online version, and

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