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15.03.19 - Richard Ruhling

Los Angeles And The Inland Empire May Be Due For The Big One According To Ellen G. White Says Author, Physician Dr. Richard Ruhling

Ellen G. White is a familiar name to many of us, especially those of us on the West Coast. She is renowned for playing two roles in history - as a healer for her forward thinking approach to modern me... mehr

24.05.18 - Richard Ruhling

Biblical Prophecy Expert Richard Ruhling Believes Judgment Is Impending On Southern California And The US As Government Plans 'Drill’

The Arizona Department of Emergency has been planning this week’s National Mass Care Exercise for nearly a year in connection with FEMA. A recent article on entitled, "Arizona Is P... mehr

22.05.18 - Richard Ruhling

Hawaii’s Volcano Signals Impending Calamity On US According To Dr. Richard Ruhling, Biblical Prophecy Expert

“The Hawaii volcano is not random evolution of global warming, but Intelligent Design's move to warn us of impending judgment on the US,” says Dr. Richard Ruhling, Some sources found via the searc... mehr

11.05.18 - Richard Ruhling

Billy Graham Revisited: Prophecy Expert Richard Ruhling On How President Trump’s Views On Iran And Jerusalem May Fit May 2018

“What a moment to take the newspaper in one hand and the Bible in the other and watch the unfolding of the great drama of the ages,” said Billy Graham. Prophecy expert Richard Ruhling recently gav... mehr

24.04.18 - Richard Ruhling

Numerous Reasons A Major Earthquake May Mean ‘Mayday’ In Late May 2018 Says Expert Dr. Richard Ruhling

On this day designated to honor Charles Richter, inventor of the Richter Scale, Dr. Richard Ruhling reflects on an “85-99% risk” of a major quake in three years reported by seismologists in the LA... mehr

28.04.17 - Richard Ruhling

Megaquake to Signal End-Time Judgment May 12: Clear Reasons Says Expert Richard Ruhling, Author Of 'The Earthquake And The 7 Seals'

The Bible’s end-time ‘day of the LORD’ begins with an earthquake that fits overlooked clues by Christ in Matthew 24 and is expected to bring judgment May 12, says Dr Richard Ruhling, author on B... mehr

28.04.16 - Richard Ruhling

How to Survive Martial Law: Prepper Gurus Agree With Matthew 24, Says Expert Richard Ruhling

"Googling 'Martial Law, Obama' suggests Obama may not leave office. A pastor's dream in the 1980's offers a similar scenario. Matthew 24 also supports that possibility, especially in view of the disar... mehr

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