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Proud Sponsor and Attendee of the KC Mental Health Conference: Emphasizing the V …

At LTLR, we are immensely proud to be a sponsor of and attend the KC Mental Health Conference. This significant event aligns perfectly with our commitment to promoting mental health and its critical role in maintaining a sober lifestyle. The Importance of Mental Health Mental health is a cornerstone of overall well-being. It influences how we think, feel, and act, affecting every aspect of our lives. Good mental health helps us manage

The RECOVERY Milestone

Milestone 3 House for the final phase of the program... During the RECOVER milestone the residents will be begin to make their program a part of them. To this point they have learned and implemented this program and now they will master it. At this point they have been provided the tools and resources to sustain long-term recovery and they will prove to themselves and others that they can RECOVER! They

Championing Creativity: The Power of Supporting Small Businesses and Local Artis …

In a world dominated by big names and mass production, there's something truly magical about supporting the underdogs-the small businesses and local artists who pour their hearts and souls into their craft. Join me on a journey as we explore the myriad reasons why championing creativity at the grassroots level is not just a choice but a powerful movement. 1. Unique Finds and Treasures One of the most delightful aspects of supporting

Navigating Sober Holidays: A Guide to Overcoming Stressful Temptations

As we gear up for the holiday season, We wanted to dive into a topic that hits close to home - staying sober during this festive time. I know, I know, the holidays can be stressful, but we're all about supporting each other, right? For those on the journey to sobriety, the holiday season can bring its unique set of challenges. Between family gatherings, office parties, and the general hustle and

Navigating a Sober Holiday Season: Strategies for Success

We are quickly approaching the holiday season, we understand that this time of year can bring unique challenges for those on the path to recovery. Let's explore some practical tips to ensure a joyous and sober celebration. 1. Embrace the Spirit of Sobriety In lieu of alcoholic beverages, consider indulging in the wide array of non-alcoholic options available. From refreshing mocktails to seasonal punches, there are many delightful alternatives to support your

The Healing Canvas: How Painting Transforms into Therapy

In a world filled with constant connectivity and never-ending to-do lists, finding moments of solace and self-expression can be challenging. Fortunately, there is a timeless and therapeutic practice that allows individuals to escape the chaos of everyday life and tap into their inner creativity: painting. Whether you're an experienced artist or a complete novice, picking up a brush and letting your imagination flow onto a canvas can be a profoundly

Dorie Sher Gallery Opens Its Doors!

I am super excited to announce the Grand Opening of Dorie Sher Gallery! First, let me introduce myself and let you know why I decided to open this gallery. Currently, I'm 53 years old. Born and raised in St. Louis. Lived in Chicago from 1992-2009 while working in cancer research & developing molecular oncology diagnostics & clinical laboratories at U of Chicago, Loyola University Cancer Center & U of Illinois - Chicago. In

Learn to Live Recovery Launches NEW, WEEKLY Family Support Group

We are excited to announce that beginning March 15th Learn to Live and John Palmer Recovery services will partner to create a FREE family support group!! The weekly Zoom meeting will include education, coaching and discussion groups for families navigating a loved one's addiction/recovery. This group will be held weekly on Wednesday evenings (6pm CST/ 7pm EST). John Palmer is the former Director of Family services at Turnbridge and now owns and

Thank You PreventED for Interviewing Matt

Matt Bauersachs, founder of Learn to Live Recovery, describes his path to creating an innovative step-down program for males in long-term recovery. Hear how this extended care model provides a safety net for the residents by building relationships, teaching skills and instilling knowledge. Another service we at Learn to Live Recovery offer is a FREE Family Support Group. We know that it's important to include families in the addiction recovery process so

HART-Helping Access Recovery & Treatment

Learn to Live Recovery has offered a client discount to get into their program, but he needs charitable donations to change his life. We only have a few day to raise the donations he needs! Nicholas wants so badly to change this life. He believes he can do that at LTL. We have partnered with HART to raise the amount that he needs to complete our program. Please consider making a tax

Learn to Live Recovery Opens

Attention treatment professionals, medication professionals, case management professionals, and friends! Learn to Live Recovery is accepting inquiries for our waitlist. For treatment professionals or community members who are interested, we are doing tours of our facility by appointment. We can do one at a time for in-person or virtual for out of town folks. If you have a client or patient that you believe fits our program,

Taco Buddha Announces March Taco of the Month

Kicking off March with a 💥 ! Please welcome our new Taco of the Month… CARNE ASADA 🥩 : grilled, marinated skirt steak 🌶 : Asada sauce (dairy-free) 🧀 : cotija 🥑 : avocado 🥬 : romaine 🍅 : pico de gallo 🍈 : lime 🌱 : cilantro 🌽 : corn tortilla Happy Taco Tuesday, all! 💃 #tacotuesday #tacoofthemonth #carneasada #asada #curbsidepickup #supportlocal #eatfresh Glance Creative 7501 Forsyth Blvd Clayton, MO 63105 314-725-2439 Taco Buddha offers the freshest ingredients, creates unique

What is the best back cushion for your car?

Dr. Smith has been in private practice since 1982. She has a B.A. in Movement Therapy from Webster University. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1982. Dr. Smith has training from Washington University School of Physical Therapy in physical rehabilitation. She is a guest lecturer at Washington University and taught at Logan College of Chiropractic for eight years. In 1992 Dr. Smith became certified

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