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5 Steps to Getting Good Press - how to write the best press release

There are a lot of tools in your PR and marketing tool box, but of them all, one of the most valuable is also one of the most difficult to figure out how to use: getting good press coverage. It can take time to get figure out who the right people are to talk to and how to write a killer pitch that will attract the attention of the press.

Focus on finding your fit

5 Steps to Getting Good Press © Doc Rabe / 5 Steps to Getting Good Press © Doc Rabe / However, once you master these skills, you will really be able to take your business to a whole new level. ​Wondering how to get better press? In this article, we’ll discuss 5 ways that you can step up your PR strategy so that you can start seeing real results for your business. It can take some time to find the right fit; however, once you do, you will score some amazing press and take your business to the next level.

Take some time to really think about where you want to sell your story. Focus your efforts on those media outlets that will garner the most benefits for your PR efforts – and your business. In order to hone your focus, start by asking yourself some important questions, such as:

  • Where do I want to be covered?
  • What type of publications do my customers enjoy reading?
  • What type of media outlets would provide me with the most exposure for your services, products, culture, etc?
  • Why do I want to land press in the first place?

By asking yourself these key questions, you’ll be able to focus on your objective and determine which organizations are the right fit for your press coverage needs. Once you have your answers, you’ll be ready to start planning an effective PR plan.

Generate a possible PR list

Draw up a list of all the different media outlets that you want to have cover your company. Options to consider include TV, radio, print publications (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc), blogs, social media channels, and so forth. Consider asking other people in your niche – or even your employees – for their input, too. They may have some interesting ideas about different and media outlets that you may have never heard of before.

Another option that you might want to take into consideration is sending out short surveys to your customers and your would-be customers. There are tons of free tools available that are designed specifically for this purpose. Ask what type media outlets the steadily use. Gather your information and target those outlets that are the most closely links to the angle of your business.

Don’t forget to go online and nab some free lists of the most popular newspapers, magazines and blogs that are being circulated and pertain to your niche. Once you’ve gathered this information, choose the best options to target. Always remember to stay super focused on your quest. Avoid the temptation to say that all of these options would be a good choice for your PR needs because that probably isn’t the case.

Hone in on writers

Man writing © Drobot Dean / Man writing © Drobot Dean / Your writers are the bread and butter of your press releases and any other content that you want to use to gain press. As the saying goes, “content is king” when it comes to marketing, which is why you want to make sure you find the best writers to get the job done the right way. Find writers and journalists in all of the media outlets that you’ve chosen that specialize in your specific industry.

For example, if you own a travel company, someone who writes about healthcare won’t write your content, so they certainly won’t be a good fit. Choose writers that specialize in your industry; those who cover your industry, your competitors, and companies that are similar to yours, but perhaps in other industries. Remember that these writers can also write about your company, too. Make sure you reach out to each and every one of them, and that you are detailed, open and honest with your goals and objectives.

Make contact never-ending

You can’t throw in the towel after just a few weeks; if you want to get good press coverage, you have to keep on trucking. Make sure that you are diligent with your contacts. Make it an important priority each and every week. Set aside a certain day or days of the week, and timeframes within each day, that you will dedicate to making contacts. During those times, reach out to journalists, photographers, writers and anyone else who can give you press coverage. The more contact you make, the more success you will have

Don’t forget to follow-up, either. Don’t stop at just one email or phone call. Remember: these people are extremely busy. Your information could very well get lost in the shuffle of their hectic day-to-day. Send out follow-up emails and make second phone calls. However, do remember that you don’t want to be overbearing. Wait at least a few days before making a second contact. Wait at least two weeks before contacting them a third time. If, after the third time you don’t receive a response, move on.

Make yourself newsworthy

If you want to get good press coverage, you have to make yourself newsworthy. There’s no way around it. Publications, reporters, journalists, blog writers, and anyone else you are going to get into contact with and hope to have cover you aren’t going to be interested if you aren’t newsworthy. It’s as simple as that. So, make sure you make you stand out from the crows so that you are eye-catching, notable and worthy of receiving press coverage.

Getting press coverage is vital for the success of your business. It helps to establish your authority, develop your brand, and get you noticed. The more – and the better – press coverage you have, the better your chances of getting noticed will be. Once you have good press coverage, the opportunities will be endless.