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Webinar Definition

Webinar (© adiruch na chiangmai -

Webinar (© adiruch na chiangmai -

If you’ve been hanging out on the web for any length of time, then you’re probably already familiar with the webinar. You may even have attended a webinar. Why do these exist and what value do they have when it comes to marketing and advertising? That’s what we are going to be looking at in this article. We will be covering everything that you have ever wanted to know about webinars but were afraid to ask.

The Definition of a Webinar

The webinar is a joining of two different terms: web and seminar. That, in essence, describes a webinar. The webinar is a seminar that you give over the web. There are a huge variety of webinars out there on all kinds of different topics. There are free webinars, their paid webinars, webinars on woodworking, webinars on Internet marketing and so much variety that it would be impossible to describe them all. The reason that they are so prevalent on the web today is because they are effective – particularly when it comes to marketing and advertising. In fact, some people make a decent living and all they ever do is recruit people to pay for their webinar presentation.

Why Webinars are Held

There are several reasons why webinar might be held. When it comes to marketing and advertising, often webinars are held in order to give a presentation on a particular product and get customers to consider buying that product in the near future. Sometimes, the goal of the webinar is to get someone to purchase a product while they are actually at the webinar – sort of like a timeshare meeting. Other times, the goal of the webinar is simply to impart information that someone is looking for. In many cases, people pay for this service.

openPR-Tip: But the goal of the webinar is to present all of your information to what is sort of a captive audience, and since you have an hour or more, you can really go into details around the product or service. This can result in extremely high conversion rates.

Expert Tips: Hosting the Perfect Webinar

  • Make sure that you are engaging your audience. Get there a few minutes early so that you can talk to your audience before you begin your presentation, engage with the audience while the presentation is going on and then engage with them again afterward.
  • Make sure that you are focusing on a single topic. Some people get involved in the presentation and they go off on tangents, leaving the webinar at ten the unclear about what was actually being presented.
  • Make sure that you have moderators in place to field questions and to help you manage your webinar better.
  • Choose the right webinar platform. Using the wrong webinar platform will make it very difficult for you to make your presentation, and if your attendees have trouble because of the platform they are not going to be very happy either. Do your research and figure out which is the best platform for you before you begin.


When it comes to hosting webinars, there are a lot of reasons that people do it. Some people do it actually make money off of the webinar itself, while others have a specific product or service in mind that they are promoting by doing the webinar. No matter what the motivation, you want to follow the above tips and ensure that you are giving the best presentation possible. A webinar can be a powerful tool in the marketing and advertising world, but it also can be a way to alienate a fairly large audience if you aren’t careful.


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