Web Development (© PureSolution / Fotolia.com)
Web Development (© PureSolution / Fotolia.com)

Web development is a broad term that encompasses all of the tasks that are related to developing a website. These tasks are usually non-design related, but rather focus on taking the design elements of a website and turning it into a fully functioning site. Web development involves all of the tasks that are involved in creating a functional website. Though web design and web development are often thought to be the same thing, the two actually differ. Web design focuses on creating the layout and look of a website; web development, on the other hand, focuses on the back-end of a website – the elements that allow a website to function. Development focuses on how a site works and how people are able to interact with and use it.

What does Web Development Entail?

Web development focuses on inputting program codes that tell a website how it is supposed to operate. Those who specialize in web development build websites from the bottom up. These professionals specialize the programming or coding that allows a website to function the way a website publisher wants it to.

The job of web development involves a variety of tasks, including crafting plain text pages to more intricate web-based applications, as well as electronic applications for business, and social networking applications. It incorporates the following elements:

  • Coding on the client side
  • Coding on the server side
  • Technology related to databases

Web developers are familiar with programming languages, including CSS and HTML, as these languages tell websites how to function.

Web Development and Web Design

Though web design and web development are two different things, they are directly related to each other. Web design, as the name suggests, involves creating the design and layout of a website. Web development then makes that design and layout come to life. Web design can be likened to a drawing on a piece of paper and web development makes that drawing come to life with movement and action.

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