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Value Links (© NicoElNino /

Value Links (© NicoElNino /

There are a lot of different kinds of links out there, and you need to know all of them if you want to be successful in marketing and advertising online. Value links is a term that is often used by internet marketers, but it can be difficult to know exactly what this term means, and more importantly, how to use links to rank your website higher. Let’s get into this topic.

Value links is a term that refers to links that have a discernable value; for example, high-value links and low-value links. What level you assign to the links is up to you, as is the exact value that you assign to those links. The main thing to understand here is that with a great deal of complex math, you can determine what kind of value a link is going to give you based upon the PR of the site that is linking to you, the anchor text that the link is sent with and where on the page the link is located.

If you want to be successful in marketing and advertising online, one of the things that you are going to have to do is get backlinks to your website. Backlinks are important because they tell Google how high your site should be ranked in the search engine results. However, some backlinks are worth a lot more than others. For example, most experts predict that a single link from a PR 7 website could be worth 100,000 links from PR 2 websites. That’s how powerful getting the right links can be. Working towards those high-value links is much more worth your time then getting a ton of backlinks from lower PR websites.

Let’s take a look at what the experts say about getting high-quality backlinks for your site, and the strategies that they recommend when it comes to getting the highest-quality links.

  1. Ask for them. You never know unless you ask. Nearly all will say no, but one person giving you a link from their site will do amazing things for your rankings.
  2. Look at other sites that have been linked to from the high PR site that you are targeting and try to figure out what they did that made the high PR site want to link to them.
  3. Continue to publish amazing content. You might get links from high PR sites without even trying if your content is good enough.
  4. Participate in forum discussions and comment sections of high-quality sites. Some of the links that they allow you to paste into your profile are do follow links.


High-quality backlinks are super important. Value links is simply a way to measure whether a link is high-quality or low-quality, depending upon the attributes that you assign it and what you are measuring exactly. Value links allows you to separate your links by quality.


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