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SEO Agency / SEO Agencies definition

SEO Agency / SEO Agencies (© enterlinedesign /

SEO Agency / SEO Agencies (© enterlinedesign /

An SEO Agency is a group of people that work with companies to optimize their websites and other web properties to get them ranked higher in the search engines. These days, search engine optimization is one of the most important things that a business can do to improve their online presence. Almost every business needs to have a website and be optimized for search so that customers can find them online, and that’s why SEO agencies have been cropping up more and more. There are a couple of different types of SEO agencies.

The first is the local SEO agency, which works with local businesses in that area. The other is the national or overseas SEO agency which does not have as much to do with local search but helps with the bigger keywords and more general search traffic. The quality of SEO agencies also differs, because anyone can set up a website and call themselves an SEO agency. But good SEO agencies have a number of resources at their disposal and use the most recent SEO techniques to get businesses to rank higher. SEO companies charge a great deal of money to help businesses with their SEO and they are a valuable addition to the marketplace.

What Do SEO Agencies Do Exactly?

You may be wondering exactly what SEO agencies do. There are a lot of aspects to managing and assisting with search engine optimization for companies. Some full-service companies actually provide content and have full-service options for companies that takes them from a start at zero to ranked up fairly high in the search engines. Other SEO agencies only provide very specific types of search engine optimization such as backlink services or SEO services that manage social media profiles and curate content posted on them or on the website.

Why Businesses Need SEO Agencies

There are lots of reasons that a business might need an SEO agency. In many small companies, no one there knows anything about search engine optimization and when they realize that they need to be ranked and listed in the search engines just be part of the 21st century equivalent of the telephone directory, they need a solution that will allow them to compete with other companies performing SEO so that they can be relevant in today’s market.

OpenPr-Tip: Even if a business does understand SEO and have people that are well-versed in how it is done they may still hire an outside SEO agency, either because the agency has a great reputation for ranking business websites high or because their employees are already hard at work doing something else.