The press photo is one of the most important things that you can do for your image when you are in the public eye. The press photo is an important tool for everyone from corporate executives to movie stars. But you have to understand what makes a good press photo in order to use this tool effectively. We’ll discuss exactly what a press photo is and how it is used in this article.

The Typical Press Photo

A typical press photo depends upon the person being presented. Executives often have photos of themselves in expensive suits, sometimes holding giant checks. You definitely want to avoid typical photos like this. Instead, use a good photographer with a track record of creating winning photos for business people, actors or whatever industry you are in.

The Uses of a Press Photo

There are many things that a press photo is used for. One of the most common uses is on the back of a book jacket, if the person in the photo has written a book. However, a press photo can be used for many things. Basically, any time that a photo will be used by the press, and you have the opportunity to provide that photo yourself, you want it to be a great press photo. You can also use it for company newsletters, biography pages on your website, social media profiles and much more. You’ll find plenty of ways to use a press photo once you have a good one.


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