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Press Releases (©  tashatuvango /

Press Releases (© tashatuvango /

PR collateral refers to all of the various media items that are used for marketing purposes. Basically, any item that is used for marketing or to give information to the public can be considered PR collateral, but most of the time it means specifically designed information that has a purpose. In this article, we will explore some of the items that might be found in a collection of PR collateral.

Press Releases

Press releases are the first thing that we will talk about. Press releases are designed to give the press the information that they need to write a story. The information in a press release is not generally substantial enough for a huge story, but small one about whatever information the company is sharing can be written just from the information in the release.

Press Kits

Press kits may include press releases, but there are a lot of things that go into press kits. They also vary depending upon what kind of product that you are promoting.


Generally, photographs are taken by a professional and may feature the executive management at a company, the product being discussed or marketed, pictures of the corporate headquarters, inside and out, and anything else that is warranted.

Executive Bios

Executive bios are short paragraphs containing some biographical information including qualifications, achievements and often some personal information.


Posters may be part of PR collateral if there is a good reason for spending the extra money to blow up a photograph.


PR collateral often includes product catalogs, so that the general public and the press can see exactly what the company has to offer. In some cases, the web address for these catalogs are located online may be given in stand.


Brochures are a common thing to find in a PR collateral kit. Brochures are great because they're small enough to hold in your hand, but a great deal of information can be put into them because they are expandable.

Data Sheets

If there is a need, sometimes data sheets can be included in a press packet. You don't want to bore the reader with too much data, so this is only done when it is necessary.

Electronic Media

Finally, there may be electronic data that is part of a press packet. This may include a DVD or CD-ROM, but more often it includes a way to access the same information on the web.