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Full Position Ad definition

Position Ad (© tumsasedgars /

Position Ad (© tumsasedgars /

A full position ad refers to an advertisement that either has content matter on both sides of it, or that is located on the top portion of a column and contains content matter on one side. It is often used in print media, such as newspapers and magazines, but it can also be used in Internet marketing. In this article, we’ll give you more insight into a full position advertisement.

In advertising, the position of an ad makes a huge difference in its success. Position refers to the location of the ad, and obviously, you want your ad to be located in a spot where it can easily be read. However, while you might want it to be visible, you might not want your advertisement to be too jarring or obtrusive. For these reasons, a full position ad might be the best option for you.

What is a Full Position Ad?

A full position ad is an advertisement that is surrounded by content, or it is located at the top of a column and has content on at least one side of it. For example, this type of ad might be sandwiched between other reading material in a newspaper or magazine.

Benefits of a Full Position Ad

The primary benefit of a full position ad is that it can easily be spotted by potential customers, but it isn’t overly obtrusive. Oftentimes, people find ads that are too blatant to be annoying and don’t pay them any mind. For these people, a full position ad can be beneficial.