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Opportunities to See definition

Targeted Online Marketing using Opportunities to see (OTS). (© Adiruch na chiangmai -

Targeted Online Marketing using Opportunities to see (OTS). (© Adiruch na chiangmai -

Opportunities to see / opportunities to hear (OTS / OTH) are terms used in marketing that specify the percentage of people from a targeted audience saw or hear an advertisement from an ad campaign.

The greater the value of the index, the greater the chances are that the advertisement was seen or heard by the targeted audience. In this article, we shed further light on OTS / OTH and its importance in marketing.

Opportunities to see / opportunities to hear is a factor that is taken into consideration when planning an ad campaign. It is used to measure the quality of an advertising campaign that is set to be implemented. This measure offers information related to amount of people who have seen or heard an ad that is part of an advertising campaign.

Acquiring Opportunities to Hear / Opportunities to See

To obtain information related to OTS / OTH, accurately pinpointing the targeted marketing of an advertising campaign is crucial. It is also important to make contact with those that represent the targeted market, which can be difficult to do and can be a costly endeavor. Seldom is an organization capable of gathering this information by itself. For that reason, companies usually outsource the task to research agencies.

Planning and Implementing Opportunities to See / Opportunities to Hear

Below is an overview of the process of planning and implementing an OTS / OTH index:

  • Identifying the target group that the product or service, as well as the advertisement, is meant to address.
  • Specifying the planned values of the parameters within the ad campaign.
  • Determining the value of the opportunities to see / opportunities to hear index as an objective in an ad campaign.
  • Placing an ad in the predetermined media outlet.
  • Measuring the OTS / OTH index throughout the campaign:
    • The amount of people who viewed or hear the ad and how many times it was seen or heard.
    • The total population of the targeted audience.
    • The calculation of the OTS / OTH index.
  • Measuring how effective and efficient the ad campaign was after it has been completed.

Why Opportunities to See / Opportunities to Hear is Important

The OTS / OTH index offers important information related to the percentage of the targeted audience that either saw or heard an advertisement. Moreover, it can gauge whether or not the ad was seen or heard the expected amount of times. The lower the value of the OTS / OTH index after the completion of an ad campaign, the less the targeted audience saw or heard the message. This information tells marketers whether or not the chosen media was the proper placement for an advertisement. If the number is low, marketers can

  • seek different
  • and hopefully more effective media outlets for the placement of ads in future advertising campaigns.

If the number is high, marketers know that they can continue using the same media outlets for future campaigns.