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If you have a mobile device, and you appreciate discounts, odds are good that you have used a mobile coupon at least once. In this article, we will be exploring the mobile coupon in detail, including how it is created, how it is used, and why so many marketers are adding their own mobile coupons to the list. These can be great marketing tools if you know how to use them.

What is a Mobile Coupon?

A mobile coupon is simply a coupon that is sent to your mobile device and can be used via that mobile device. In fact, a mobile coupon can be considered as such, even if it is not specifically sent to that device, but instead to some application that your mobile device can access like an email app. Mobile coupon apps are one of the best ways to do mobile marketing and the method is becoming more and more popular.

Types of Mobile Deals

There are many types of mobile deals out there. For example, you could have a free coupon, buy-one-get-one, a multiple purchase coupon, a value-add coupon, or perhaps even an entry into some sort of contest or sweepstakes.

When Should Advertisers Use Mobile Coupons?

 There are some strategies that you can use when it comes to finding success is to know when to offer mobile coupons. Here are some suggestions for the best times that advertisers should consider offering a mobile coupon as a marketing strategy.

  • Whenever you introduce a new product or service, creating a mobile coupon for it will generate buzz and bring people in to try out the new product.
  • Mobile coupons can be used to promote a trial to a brand new audience, even if the product or service itself is not new.
  • You can offer deep discounts when you want distributors, dealers (and especially consumers) to get enough of your product to where they will not want or need to buy from your competitor. This also has the advantage of getting them used to using your product, which is useful because people are creatures of habit.
  • You could also use discount coupons to sell something else. This is a common tactic in internet marketing, but it can be used with mobile coupons as well. Giving away something for free or at a major discount will allow you to sell-through another product or service.
  • You can also use mobile coupons if you are building up an email list or something similar. This is also a tactic used in internet marketing and it can be adjusted for use with mobile coupons.

The Mobile Coupon Delivery Process

The mobile coupon process can be divided into three different sections. We will be discussing each phase in detail. Let's start with the first phase, where the coupon is delivered to the consumer.

Delivery Phase

You can deliver a mobile coupon through two different methods. First you can use the pull method, where the user sends a text code to receive a coupon. They might also be required to download an app in order to get the discount. Finally, there are few some coupons that can be delivered when someone activates their Bluetooth.

You can also use the push method to deliver a coupon. You can deliver it directly to the person's text messaging box either through MMS or SMS, you can send the coupon to them through an existing application such as Groupon, or you can mail them the coupon and send it directly to their email.

Statistic: Number of mobile coupon users in the United States from 2013 to 2016 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Redemption Phase

The second phase of this processes the redemption phase. This is where the customer actually uses the coupon. The customer can either do what real time coupon redemption with the code or without a code. Coupons without a code or considered rebates while a coupon with a code are intended for single point redemptions.

OpenPR-Tip: You also have the option of real-time redemption where a scanner can be used to scan the code on the user's mobile device. The point-of-sale machines will print a physical clearing coupon for the merchant. In addition, you can use software to allow the coupon to trigger the price reduction on digital goods.

Clearing Phase

Finally, there is the clearing phase where the merchant either delivers the coupons manually to be cleared by a Clearing House or when the process is done automatically by computer software.

Mobile Couponing Best Practices

If you're going to do a mobile coupon campaign, then you are going to want to follow some of the best practices to ensure that your campaign is successful and that you do not cross any boundary lines. Here are some of those practices.

Make sure that you are not sending unsolicited messages and that you have permission to send the coupon. You also need to be very clear on what terms and conditions are being put forth with the coupon. Advertising material must also clearly identify the delivery method of the mobile coupon and the format.

You want to be very clear when you are outlining the offer and Include stuff like the purchase requirements. You should also make the offer as simple as possible. In addition, you have to include the face value of a coupon, such as 1/20 of a cent. Finally you need to differentiate between whether or not it is a manufacturer coupon or not, and you need to clearly identity the expiration date. Obviously, the longer your expiration date is, the more chance of redemption you'll have.


Mobile coupons can be great marketing tools if they are used correctly. They can be used for several different purposes. One of the best ways is to get people familiar with your brand, but you can also use coupons to get them to stock up on your particular product. Make sure that you understand completely how mobile coupons work, including the technology involved and the rules behind them, and they will be a successful tool that you can use in your internet marketing efforts.


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