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Medium Rectangle definition

Banner (© DigiClack /

Banner (© DigiClack /


The medium rectangular ad format is arguably the most popular format being used today by advertising networks, and especially by those who use Google AdSense. But what makes this ad format so popular? In this article, we will be discussing the medium rectangular banner ad and exploring some of the reasons that this ad has been able to convert for so many people and perform so well on their websites.

What is a Medium Rectangle Banner?

The medium rectangle ad format is the most popular format in advertising today. It accounts for a whopping 33% of all ad impression shares. It is the most served banner size on Google’s display networks. The top three banner sizes make up for almost 80% of the served ad impressions on Google’s networks. The first is the medium rectangle, which is 300 x 250 pixels, followed by the leaderboard at seven 28 x 90 pixels, and finally the wide skyscraper has a size of 160 x 600 pixels.

Medium Rectangle vs. Large Rectangle

The big brother to the medium rectangle ad is the large rectangle ad. This is a size that is not commonly found anywhere except on Google’s display networks. However, if the medium rectangle ad does not give you enough space to display your ad properly, the large rectangle ad may do the trick. For most people, the medium rectangle banner ad is the perfect size, and has accounted for a great deal of conversions for advertisers and income for publishers who display the size on their website.