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Macro Conversion definition

Macro Conversion (© ArtemSam / )

Macro Conversion (© ArtemSam / )

When it comes to Internet marketing, everyone knows that you need to be tracking your conversions and looking at your analytics to determine what changes you need to make to improve your marketing strategy. Looking your macro conversions is definitely one of the main factors that you will be following. In this article, we will be defining the macro conversion and discussing how it relates to micro conversions and other analytics measurements.

Macro Conversions vs. Micro Conversions

In order to understand the macro conversion, you first have to look at the micro conversion. The micro conversion is any action that a visitor to your page takes that moves them towards your end goal of buying your product or whatever you are trying to get them to do. For example, all of the various steps involved in going through a sales funnel can be tracked if you set up your website correctly and then create those as events in your analytics software.

Micro conversions can tell you a great deal about the behavior of your customers as they travel your website. They definitely should be a strategy that you use to determine where your customers are getting lost in your sales funnel. But you also need to be tracking your macro conversions. Your macro conversions are defined as anything that a visitor does that actually adds to your bottom line.

For example, when someone clicks to the next page in your sales funnel, it is an example of a micro conversion because it does nothing for your company unless they complete the sales funnel and actually convert. But if that customer were to reach the end of the sales funnel and convert, you would obviously be receiving money from that sale.

But buying your product is not the only type of macro conversion out there. Another example of a macro conversion that you should be tracking is when people sign up for your newsletter or provide their email address to you. Whenever you receive an email address from a potential customer, you are adding to your marketing list and this could pay off down the road.


Both micro conversions macro conversions are important to Internet marketing. Understanding the difference between these two types of conversions, and why you should be tracking them, will help you to become a better Internet marketer and improve your website to increase sales and other conversions.