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Email Interview Invitation Example

Email Interview Invitation  (© adiruch-na-chiangmai /

Email Interview Invitation (© adiruch-na-chiangmai /

If you run a business and you are giving out interviews, then it is important that you know how to do this in a professional manner in order to make a positive first impression. Your potential future employees will expect a certain level of professionalism and if that is missing, they may think twice about coming to work for you!




Email Interview Invitation Example

So how do you go about inviting an applicant to an interview by email?

The things you will need to address/cover include:

  • Informing them that they have been accepted for an interview/congratulating
  • Confirming details of the role they have applied for
  • Letting them know what information they will need to provide and helping them to prepare for the interview
  • Providing details regarding the time, location and nature of the interview
openPR tip: In some cases, you may have several different times available and you can then provide these options to the applicants in the message. Make sure to keep track of who is attending when!

So, what might your invitation look like when you pass this all together?

Dear [Name],

We are very pleased to inform you that you are hereby invited to attend an interview for the position of [JOB ROLE]. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your success in reaching this stage. The interview will take place on [TIME] at [DATE].

You will be speaking with [NAME] and we advise that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your allotted time. Please bring with you your printed CV, as well as a driver’s license or other form of valid ID.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a different time for your interview, then please contact me by email at [EMAIL].

We look forward to seeing you,

Best regards,


As you can see, it is normal to write the interview as though it were from an individual. Of course, if you are sending the email and you will be interviewing them, then you can point out that the interview is with ‘myself’.

The aim is to be formal while still being ‘human’, polite and friendly.

Another Form of Interview Invitation

There are other forms of email interview. For instance, email interviews can be a very powerful way for site owners to collect high quality content for their websites. If you can get a big influencer or personality to respond and answer your questions, then you will have exclusive content for your site that you didn’t have to write yourself! Not only that, but you will potentially be able to get free promotion from the influencer – if they Tweet or Facebook post about their interview, that will drive some of their audience to you.

The biggest challenge here though, is getting your emails into their inbox and getting them read. So how do you go about reaching those bigger creators?

Write by Hand

The first and most important step by far, is to make sure that all your messages are hand written. That doesn’t mean you need to get out the quill – it means that you need to stop using auto-generated subject headings and greetings and instead write each message personally.

If you’re using a piece of software to try and score guest posts and interviews, you’re wasting your time.

Deal With Them

Imagine you’re an incredibly busy internet celebrity and you get hundreds of thousands of emails from people all asking for something. Eventually, you’ll hit your limit and give up responding.

What would make something get through to you? Probably a name that you recognize.

There are a few ways to get to this point. One is to deal with them in some way prior to your outreach. If you can hire them for consulting for instance, then this is a great option. Attending networking events is also a very good idea, or you can ask for an introduction. Using LinkedIn is great for this, as it allows you to see your entire network of contacts and who you might be able to reach as a result.

Keep Your Messages Short

Think about the last message you got from a friend: how long was it? Chances are that it was probably a few hundred words at most and not thousands of lines long. Keep this in mind! And value and respect the time of the busy and in-demand individual you are messaging!

Avoid Images

Likewise, avoid large images and attachments. Gmail and other email clients can’t scan these and so they are extra cautious. Likewise, they clog up the inbox. Again, with the brevity!

Be Persistent

Sending multiple emails is another good way to get to the point where people recognize your name. At the same time, this gives them multiple opportunities to respond should they forget. Don’t pester though and make sure to leave adequate time between each message attempt.