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An Editor’s Note is common feature of a press release. It is placed at the bottom of the press release and contains background information about the person who wrote it. It is an excellent way to provide a reporter with background information about the author, as well as the company that the person is reporting on. In this article, we provide tips for writing an editor’s note.

An editor’s note is a small but important component of a press release. It allows the person who wrote the release to provide the person the release is being shared with about him or herself, the company, and any other pertinent information that would not fit in with the body of the press release itself. It adds some personalization to the press release. It also makes it a bit more attention grabbing.

What to Include in an Editor’s Note

What should be included in an editor’s note will vary. It is based on the company and the situation, as well as the information that it being reported in the press release. However, some of the information that you might want to include in an editor’s note might include the following:

  • Details about yourself. You might want to include information about yourself in the editor’s note section. This might include information about your qualifications, such as where you went to school and your experience.
  • Information about the company. You might want to include a few sentences about the company you are writing the press release for. For instance, you might want to include information about when your company was founded, what the company does, or the types of products or services the company offers.
  • Contact information. The name, title, phone number, email address and other contact information should also be included in the editor’s note.


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