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Press Releases from European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) (4 total)

Innovation in the diagnosis of breast cancer – the SOLUS project

The new EU-funded SOLUS project ( will develop a new device for multimodal tomography using ultrasound and optical tomography to improve breast cancer diagnosis. Together with several partners, project coordinator Politecnico di Milano is developing an innovative, multimodal tomographic system to improve the diagnosis of breast cancer as part of the SOLUS project (Smart OpticaL and UltraSound diagnostics of breast cancer). The system combines optical methods, a smart optode performing diffuse

Using Sugar to Detect Cancer: A Game Changer for Cancer Screening

The GLINT project will develop a ground-breaking new technology which allows for less invasive, more accurate and earlier cancer diagnosis Vienna, 2016-05-24 – Cancer accounts for 13% of all deaths worldwide and despite recent medical improvements remains one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Early detection, usually through advanced medical imaging, is crucial as it increases the chances of survival and the potential for full recovery. The EU-funded project

Uncovering partners in crime: Stroke and Alzheimer’s disease

New EU-funded project CoSTREAM ( targets the common mechanisms and pathways of stroke, Alzheimer’s disease to improve disease prevention and treatment, by combining clinical, genetic, epidemiologic, metabolic and radiologic research to develop an organ-on-a-chip in vitro model for the blood-brain connection that will revolutionise drug-development. Stroke and Alzheimer’s disease are major diseases imposing a huge burden on aging societies. It has long been recognized that stroke and Alzheimer’s disease often co-occur,

HAMAM: successful outcome for project to improve breast cancer diagnosis through …

HAMAM: successful outcome for project to improve breast cancer diagnosis through integrated clinical workstation Vienna, March 30, 2012 – Wednesday, February 29 saw the official end of the ambitious HAMAM (Highly Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnosis through Integration of Biological Knowledge, Novel Imaging Modalities, and Modelling) project, which has culminated in the successful development of a prototype clinical workstation, combining the various technologies and information required to characterise and classify suspicious breast

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