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Optical fiber and cable industry, "Tale of Two Cities"

Dickens' Tale of Two Cities "wrote" This is the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the spring of hope, which is the winter of despair. " This is the best time, because the cable business looks very good, a few phone suddenly interrupted the dialogue editing and Chiang total, and these phones are mostly to goods.

The difference between fiber patch cords and pigtails

Fiber jumpers from equipment used to make fiber-optic cabling to link the jumper cables. A thick layer of protection, usually used in the connection between the Optical and the terminal box. Pigtail wire pigtail known, only one end of the connector, the other end is a cable core of breakage, fusion and other fiber optic cable through the core is connected, it often occurs within the fiber optic terminal box, cable

KST supply fiber optic accessory

Optical Distribution Frame: fiber-optic network for indoor wiring system. Fiber Optic Connector: for all kinds of optical devices (such as PDH, etc.) and fiber-opticconnection between. Fiber adapter: all kinds of optical devices for fiber-optic connection with the conversion. Attenuator: for the input optical power attenuation, to avoid leaving the input optical power superdistortion generated by the light receiver. Optical splitter: one for the optical signal is decomposed into multiple optical WDM optical signaloutput:

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