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SmartBuyGlasses' Management Team Holds Strategic Retreat To Focus on Innovation …

SmartBuyGlasses, a leading global eyewear retailer, recently convened its managers and leaders to discuss innovative ideas within the eyewear and e-commerce industry. Hosted by Orsolina28 Art Foundation, SmartBuyGlasses' team spent four days strategizing and planning for the company's future. During the retreat, they focused on prescription lens trends and explored industry best practices. The team had the privilege of speaking with two industry leaders, Jacobus Groot and Kate Save. Jacobus

Stay Cool by the Pool This Summer

Polarized glasses are typically good when going fishing, swimming or for a day at the beach as spending a lot of time in sunny conditions may lead to headache, eye strain and fatigue. Apart from reducing glare it also increases contrast and better perception of colors. Not only will you look good in your polarized glasses but will also see more clearly, keeping your eyes relaxed and comfortable. It

Reach the Finish Line with UV-Protection this National Sunglasses Day with Smart …

Whether you love to ski, play golf, cycle or even race, overexposure to sunlight always acts as a hindrance, further affecting your performance. Especially during the summertime, the rays of the sun are warmer, direct and last for a longer time. To get more people wearing a good quality pair of UV protecting sunglasses, SmartBuyGlasses is giving you 10% off your order with code SUNGLASSESDAY10 How can being outdoors for a long

Top 10 Superfoods to Help You See at Night

SmartBuyGlasses share ten Superfoods for eye health which improve your night vision Nyctalopia, or night blindness, is a condition that renders you unable to see clearly, or at all, at night or in low light conditions. Most commonly caused by a Vitamin A deficiency, the impact of this condition on overall quality of life cannot be underestimated. It's now a well-known fact that many foods, such as carrots, egg yolks, and leafy

SmartBuyGlasses and Eden Projects together for Earth Day

New York City, 19.04.18 – Officially recognised in 1970, Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd April each year. It is a worldwide event that celebrates environmental protection and a sustainable living. With over 7 million species of plants and animals sharing our planet, Earth Day is important because it provides a globally recognized platform to discuss the key environmental issues that are impacting on our world. For SmartBuyGlasses, working
04-16-2018 | Sports

SmartBuyGlasses and Sweatcoin team up; a surprising match made in heaven

Watson & Crick, Simon & Garfunkle, macaroni & cheese; all three, famous partnerships that have changed the world. Where would we be without the double helix, the framework for the basic building blocks of life? Or, without that famous Bridge Over Troubled Water? And let’s not forget how sad our culinary indulgences would be without the mighty mac & cheese to sate our appetites for all things cheesy. Enter one more

SmartBuyGlasses launches 'SmartDate' Glasses

2018 is the year that man sent a roadster cruising into space, complete with (a tin) driver and safety belt. It’s also the year we finally created the coveted real-time translation Babel-fish earbuds from the beloved Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Science fiction no longer signifies fantasy. It would seem that nothing is too big too or brave to achieve anymore. And here at SmartBuyGlasses, we would have to agree.


New York City, 08.02.18 –, one of the world’s leading online stockist of designer eyewear has created a unique platform to match their customers with their perfect pair of eyewear this Valentine’s Day. Powered by its unique ‘match technology, customers are invited to enter their desired search criteria, once entered the platform processes their request to match them with their perfect pair. Inspired by Tinder technology, users can swipe left

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