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09.03.12 - - Tao Trading Corporation

BestMassage Adds Over Twenty New BodyChoice Essential Oils

Now customers seeking a wide selection of essential oils need to look no further than “We are ecstatic about our new massage supplies of essential oils!” exclaims Amona Buechler, ... mehr

30.01.12 - - Tao Trading Corporation Offers Acucups Natural Rubber Cupping Set

In addition to its glass cupping jars for cupping therapy, BestMassage now offers the Acucups Natural Rubber Cupping Set. Cupping therapy involves suctioning the skin at various meridians, or energy ... mehr

27.01.12 - - Tao Trading Corporation

BestMassage Issues An Odor-Free Guarantee On Massage Tables

It started with a phone call from a concerned customer. “Do your massage tables have any chemical odor to them?” the customer asked. “Sometimes the smell of upholstered products, especially new ... mehr

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