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13.03.12 - A Shade Greener

Pensioners To Lose Out Over FIT Cuts

The proposed changes in the feed-in tariffs (FITs) will threaten the provision of free solar in the UK, leaving only those who can afford it to adopt renewable technology. As part of the Government ... mehr

14.02.12 - A Shade Greener

A Shade Greener Response To DECC Official Announcement On Feed In Tariffs

Tankersley, Sheffield, February 13 2012 Following the Department of Energy and Climate Change's official announcement today about the improvements to the FIT Scheme Announcement, A Shade Greener L... mehr

11.01.12 - A Shade Greener

A Shade Greener Aim to Supply 35,000 Families with Free Solar by 2015

SHEFFIELD, England, January 10, 2012 Free solar panel installer A Shade Greener Ltd announced that they will install 35,000 free solar installations in the UK by 2015. This will mean lower electricit... mehr

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